Gold Medal For Legal Trouble Mission GTA V

Gold Medal For Legal Trouble Mission GTA V

Go to the airport and find Molly.

Follow the yellow route to the destination marker at the entrance to Los Santos International Airport. when you get close, look for Molly’s red car, now marked as a blue blip on the radar.

Chase after Molly.

Stay on Molly’s tail as she veers sharply toward the airport and LSPD police cruisers suddenly join the chase. You can toggle your view to the Weazel News camera in the helicopter above you. (View the chase through this Weazel News camera for at least 15 seconds to accomplish a Gold Medal requirement.)
Stay in the chase as it leads through the LSIA runway checkpoint and speeds onto the tarmac. Veer to the left when you see the big Ron gas tanker ahead. A cop car slams into the truck and explodes! Avoid jet engines and stay with Molly as she cuts through tunnels under the terminal buildings. She speeds along a runway under a landing jetliner, then corners hard around the Devin Weston Jet Charter hangar.
Molly finally stops and sprints into a side door with the reel. Park and chase her inside. Push through the double doors to the left, sprint down the corridors past the soft drink vending machines and equipment, and emerge into the hangar just in time to see Molly’s unfortunate encounter with an Air Herler jet’s left engine.

Pick up the film reel.

Fortunately for Michael, the accident stalls the engine. Retrieve the film reel canister (green blip on radar) from the ground where Molly dropped it. Hurry! You have a three-star Wanted Level and several cops are closing in on the hangar.

Lose the cops.

The easiest way to escape here is to veer underneath the big airliner’s wing and sprint through Molly’s viscera, directly to the private jet in the same hangar. Hop aboard and taxi out onto the runway. Then take off and fly away! You lose the police pursuit in just a few seconds and complete the mission.


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