Aerial Challenges In Grand Theft Auto V. Under The Bridges

Aerial Challenges In Grand Theft Auto V. Under The Bridges

Under the Bridge challenges can be completed in any aircraft. However, some aircraft types are easier than others, depending on the bridge or series of bridges. This section identifies all 50 Under the Bridge challenges and provides tips. A successful Under the Bridge execution is when the ground or water beneath the bridge and the bridge itself are untouched as you pass fully underneath.

Trevor is the logical character of choice for completing these challenges since he is the best pilot and is often near a landing strip or helipad where aircraft can be found. However, any character can do them. Find helicopters taking off and landing at the purchasable helipads (in Vespucci). Find planes of all types at the airport or taking off and landing at McKenzie Field (Trevor’s airstrip). You can also purchase planes and helicopters online (, as well as military helicopters on The Buzzard Attack Chopper is a must have.


Under the Bridge Locations:

  1. Rail Bridge over Grapeseed Avenue, San Chianski Mountain Range
  2. Highway 1 Overpass, Grapeseed Avenue, Grapeseed
  3. Rail Bridge over Highway 1, Northeast Blaine Gounty
  4. Calafia Road Bridge, over Cassidy Creek
  5. Calafia Bridge, over Cassidy Creek
  6. Pacific Coast Highway 1 Bridge, North Chumash
  7. Mountain Bridge near Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  8. Great Ocean Highway Bridge, Lago Zancudo
  9. Fort Zancudo Approach Road Bridge, Lago Zancudo
  10. Route 66 Bridge, Tongva Valley
  11. Wooden Bridge, Zancudo River
  12. Rail Bridge, East Zancudo River
  13. Calafia Road Bridge, mouth of East Zancudo River
  14. Route 68, Zanduco River
  15. Senora Freeway Overpass, Grand Senora Desed
  16. Interstate 13 Overpass, Grand Senora Desert
  17. Rail Bridge Senora Way, Wind Farm
  18. Rail Bridge Senora Way, South Wind Farm
  19. Palomino Freeway Overpass, South Wind Farm
  20. Pacific Coast Land Bridge, East Coast near Tataviam Mountains
  21. Rail Bridge, near Tataviam Mountains
  22. Rail Bridge over Palomino Freeway, Palomino Highlands
  23. El Rancho Blvd; Palomino Freeway Overpass, Murrieta Heights
  24. Del Perro Fwy; Vespucci Blvd Overpass, Murrieta Heights
  25. Del Perro Fwy; San Andreas Ave Overpass, Murrieta Heights
  26. Highway 18 Flood Control Overpass, East Vinewood
  27. Flood Control Overpass, Mirror Park
  28. Highway 17 Flood Control Overpass, East Vinewood
  29. Del Perro Freeway Flood Control Overpass, East Vinewood
  30. San Andreas Avenue Flood Control Overpass, La Mesa
  31. Vespucci Boulevard Flood Control Overpass, La Mesa
  32. Olympic Freeway Flood Gontrol Overpass, La Mesa
  33. Capital Boulevard Flood Control Overpass, La Mesa
  34. Innocence Boulevard Flood Control Overpass, La Mesa
  35. Dutch London Street Flood Gontrol Overpass, La Mesa
  36. Chum Street Bridge, Cypress Flats
  37. S Rail Bridge, Cypress Flats
  38. Buccaneer Way Bridge, Gypress Flats
  39. Elysian Fields Freeway Overpass, Cypress Flats
  40. Signal Street Bridge, Banning
  41. Canal Rail Bridge, Banning
  42. Mariam Turner Overpass, Banning
  43. Dutch London Street Ganal Bridge
  44. Strawberry Avenue Ganal Bridge, Maze Bank Arena
  45. Alta Street Canal Bridge, La Puerta
  46. Interstate 5 Canal Bridge, La Puerta
  47. Rail Bridge, La Puerta
  48. Dutch London Street Overpass, La Puerta
  49. Greenwich Parkway Overpass, La Puerta
  50. Highway 1 Pedestrian Bridge, Chumash

Aerial Challenges Map:

GTA 5 Under The Bridge Map

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