By The Book Mission Guide in GTA V

By The Book Mission Guide in GTA V

Go to the warehouse.

The partners enter together to find FIB Agents Haines and Norton saying goodbye to a fellow named Devin Weston. Then Haines hauls in poor Mr. K, hooks him up to an ECG monitor, and lays out an array of interrogation instruments.
As before, Ferdinand K claims to be nothing but a home electronics guy, and speaks of a man who owns a house in Rockford Hills and works at the consulate-that’s all he knows. Haines sends Michael to the house for the target work while Trevor gets the task of providing actionable intelligence.

Go to the house.

After the cutscene, you control Michael. Get in the car with Dave and follow the yellow route to the destination marker in Rockford Hills off Caesar Place . It’s obvious upon arrival that this is the wrong Azerbaijani, Time for Trevor to get to work!

Torture Mr. K.

Take your pick of the torture devices. To earn the mission’s Gold Medal, you must try each of the four torture methods and make sure Mr. K’s heart doesn’t stop. (If it does stop, you can revive him with an adrenaline shot, but then you won’t get the Gold Medal.) Let’s start with the wrench. pick it up and use the control indicated onscreen to have Trevor swing it at Mr. K. Isn’t this fun? After a good hit, Haines asks Mr. K about someone named Tahir Kerimov. Mr. K admits he installed Tahir’s home theater. The guy lives in Chumash. Haines passes this info via phone to Agent Norton. Now you automatically switch back to Michael.

Drive to the next house.

Michael and Dave are sitting at a coffee shop :. Follow the yellow route up The Great Ocean Highway to Chumash. On the way, listen to the guys talk about Trevor and old times. When you arrive at the destination marker in the parking lot of Robs Liquor , Michael and Dave take up a sniper position on a hillock overlooking a row of beachfront houses. Now you need a description of the target.

Torture Mr, K again.

Pick a different method of torture. Hey, try waterboarding Mr. K. It’s both legal and satisfying! When you finish, the prisoner describes Tahir as average build, average height, and middle-aged. Steve relays the info and adds that he’s most likely dark skinned too: “He’s Azerbaijani, for God’s sake.”

Torture Mr. K yet again.

Pick a new torture method. Try the electrified clips this time. Spark them for fun, then grip both clips to Mr. K to electrocute him. This time, he gives up the information that Tahir is a bearded man.

Find the target.

Scan around the party again in scope view to see that several men have beards. Unfortunately for Mr. K, looks like you need just a bit more information.

And once morel Torture Mr. K.

Mr. K remembers that Tahir sniokes. This is good intel, but Steve wants a .., bit more, so he turns Trevor loose again. Now try the last remaining torture method. Pick up the vise clamp and hold the control shown onscreen to grip one of Mr. K’s teeth Then rotate the control stick to slowly and gruesomely pull out the tooth. A handy tooth schematic appears onscreen, so you can. see how far the root still has to go until it’s ripped from the gum line.
Now Mr. K remembers that in addition to being a chain smoker of Redwood cigarettes, the Azerbaijani in question is also left-handed. This should be all the information you need.

Shoot the target.

Target the bearded gentleman in the red shirt, smoking left-handed. Nail him with a headshot.

Go to the airport.

The scene automatically shifts back to the warehouse, where Steve rushes off to a racquetball game and asks Trevor to terminate the no-longer-useful Mr. K. But Trevor helps the unfortunate innocent out to the truck. Get in and follow the yellow route to the airport terminal . Your arrival triggers a touching goodbye scene.

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