Caida Libre Guide in GTA V

Caida Libre Guide in GTA V

Go to the observatory and get in the van.

You control Michael after the opening cinematic as Trevor heads off in his Canis Bodhi. Follow the yellow route up to the Galileo Observatory , When Michael arrives, follow the blue blip to find a van. There’s an anti-aircraft gun in the back! Hop into the driver’s seat to bring up the gunnery interface.

Shoot the plane’s engine.

The interface creates a red targeting box for the plane’s engine, automatically calculating a shot that compensates for wind and distance. Your target first appears as a red dot just to the left of the high-rises.
When you spot it, zoom in to see the red targeting box and the aircraft. Center your crosshairs in the red box and fire to nail the plane’s engine. Shoot it three times to trigger the plane’s smoky descent.

Follow the plane and get the package.

After the cutscene, you switch to Trevor on the Sanchez. Once the plane passes over him, accelerate after it! As soon as you gain control, start down the dirt pass trail directly ahead, running north through Galileo Park.
Follow the smoking trail of the plane-when the path splits , keep going north cross-country after the plane.
Follow the ravine full speed downhill, then launch into a spectacular jump over the bus on the highway below! Continue along the trail down the tight ravine and through the tunnel that runs under Baytree Canyon Road . You emerge to see the plane crossing Senora Road below, then banking west along Route 68
The troubled jet eventually veers northward again, flying low over Trevor’s Sandy Shore Airstrip and setting up Trevor for another wild stunt jump , this time over a train! Finally, the smoking plane glides low over the towns of Sandy Shores and Grapeseed before skidding into a crash landing in an open field

Kill Javier and enter the plane.

Miraculously, Javier survives the crash. Gun him down. Then approach the open hatch behind the cockpit (blue radar blip) to trigger a quick cutscene: Trevor crawls into the cockpit and retrieves the briefcase with the files. Soon after, Michael calls Trevor to verify the acquisition. Here you automatically switch back to Michael at the Galileo Observatory

Move the van away form the observatory, then destroy it.

Get in the van, drive it some distance away from the Galileo Observatory then stop and get out. When Michael emerges, he’s automatically carrying a gas can. Keep pouring gas as you walk in a circle around the van.
Then walk a short distance away and shoot the gasoline trail. Wait to make sure the van blows up real good.

Go to Martin’s house.

Now you’re prompted to return to Marlin Madrazo’s place . But as you begin the trip, Trevor calls with a change of plans and a new meeting place.

Meet Trevor at the cement works.

Follow the new yellow route to the Stoner Cement Works lot , just north of Madrazo’s estate up Senora Road. Your arrival at the destination marker triggers the final cinematic: Trevor arrives in Martin’s Gallivanter SUV and reports a disagreement with Madrazo over payment. He has another requisition, as well- Martin’s wife, Patricia.

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