Casing the Jewel Store Mission In GTA V

Casing the Jewel Store Mission In GTA V

The Jewel Store Heist

Mission Can Be Triggered By: Michael

After Michael completes “Friend Request” Lester is ready to help him plan a major heist-one with a hefty payout to cover the $2.5 million damage to Marlin Madrazo’s house. Heists in Grand Theft Auto V have several stages. You start by casing the target.
Once you know its layout, you examine options on a planning board, elect an approach, and pick a crew. Then you execute one or more setup missions to acquire the equipment you need for your chosen approach.
Michael must look “respectable” in order to case the upscale jewelry store that Lester has targeted. (ln fact, Lester will send Michael away until he is dressed right.) Outfit Michael in a suit from the wardrobe closet of his house.
You can also buy a new suit at a high-end clothes shop, if you want, but you probably want to conserve your cash this early in the game” Once Michael looks respectable, follow the blue “L” icon to Darnell Bros , Lester’s garment factory in the La Mesa district. Enter the building, climb the stairs, and follow Lester into his office to trigger a scene: Lester wants to hit the “holy grail” the Union Depository. But Michael wants something less risky to start. So Lester suggests an upscale jewelry store named Vangelico.

Go to Rockford Hills.

Follow the yellow route to Vangelico in Rockford Hills. Listen to the conversation en route. Lester knows all about Michael’s financial relationship with an FIB agent named Dave Norton, the fellow who “killed” Michael Townley in the game’s prologue mission. Then Lester gives Michael a pair of eyeglasses fitted with a hidden camera and a radio relay so he can direct the operation from the car. When you arrive, pull into the destination marker in the parking lane.

Go to the jewelers.

Exit the car and walk around the corner to the outdoor mall paved with cobblestones. Find Vangelico on the left and enter. Approach the sales clerk behind the counter to trigger a cutscene: The woman gives Michael helpful price information, and you learn that Vangelico carries very high-end merchandise.

Use the glasses to take pictures.

When control returns, Lester starls directing Michael to snap the photos he wants. Face the store entrance and press the control indicated onscreen to enter the camera view. Lester wants photos of the alarm, vents, and cameras. Swivel the camera upward to get shots of the surveillance cameras and ceiling vents. Then go to the back-left corner of the store and snap a shot of the alarm keypad next to the door. When you’ve got all the shots Lester needs, he tells you to come back to him.

Find an access point to the rooftop.

Turn right around the next two corners to find a destination marker on Rockford Drive, just outside the Max Renda store renovation. Hop out of the car and enter the renovation site via the open doorway.

Go to the rooftop.

Head up the stairs to the second level. Then go through the open doorway and climb the ladders up the scaffold to the rooftop start climbing a ladder, just walk into it. When you arrive, Lester explains that he wants to know where the air coming out of Vangelico’s ceiling vents originates.

Get to the vantage point and take some shots.

Start moving across ihe rooftop. Lester reports that a satellite image reveals the highest point on the roof is on the northwest side. A new yellow blip appears on radar. Follow it past the atrium skylight to a set of ladder rungs and climb them.
Walk past the high-voltage restricted area, a high wall topped with barbed wire that surrounds Vangelico’s rooftop air system. Drop to the next roof, then climb up the AC fan housings to the destination marker on the topmost housing. This is the vantage point you seek. Bring up your camera interface again and snap a photo of the rooftop air system.

Go to the garment factory.

Follow the yellow route back to Lester’s warehouse . On the way, listen to the two pros discuss the score. Lester points out that the more valuable items are in the glass cabinets near the register in the center of the store. Michael also makes a pitch to add Franklin to the crew. When you arrive at the garment factory watch the scene as Lester sets up an old-fashioned planning board. sees two possible approaches: go in “smart” or go in “loud”. Pick Your Approach Here, you simply highlight and select one of the two approaches, “A: Loud” or “B: Smart in the “loud” or high-impact option, you go in hard with overwhelming firepower, to this end, Lester suggests the acquisition of four Carbine Rifles. It’s the favored weapon of LSPD tactical teams, so you’ll have to steal them from a police van. Your crew also needs a good hacker to suppress the security cameras and alarm system long enough to make a good haul.
ln the “smart” or stealth-based option, you pump knockout gas into the vents so the crew can work quickly without crowd control issues. You need to acquire the gas, plus a cover disguise: a pest control van and suits, including gas masks.
The getaway strategy for both options is the same: The crew will ride motorcycles through the newly excavated subway tunnel off the Del Perro Freeway, then meet a truck in the LS River canal.

Pick Your Crew

After choosing your approach, select personnel to fill the roles that Lester described. In both approaches, you need a driver, a gunman, and a hacker. Note that crew members work for a percentage of the take. The more skilled they are, the bigger their cut.
You can hire a low-cost crew to maximize your own cut, but then the overall take may be smaller : for example, an inexperienced hacker may struggle with a security system, giving you less time to grab loot. Or you may even fail the mission completely if a low-skilled crew member provides sub-par support-if, say, your driver dies in a crash and loses part of the take.


Mission Gameplay:

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