Cleaning Out The Bureau Guide In GTA V

Cleaning Out The Bureau Guide In GTA V

Get in your car with Lester and follow the yellow route to a spot near the parking lot entrance of the FIB headquarters, just off Power Street. On the way, Lester hacks a temp-worker database and finds a janitor named Harvey Molina on an FIB contract- He’s about to clock off work. The plan is to “turn him” and acquire his building pass. Lester learns that Molina’s car has the license plate 83QSL722.

Wait for the janitor’s car.

When you arrive at the destination marker, the view switches to inside your car. Watch the cars exit the parking lot, and check out each license plate. None of the first three cars is the janitor’s, but you need to examine all of their license plates in order to fulfill a Gold Medal requirement.
The fourth car is a red Vapid with the plate number you seek, 83QSL722. That’s Harvey Molina.

Follow the janitor’s car.

Start following the red Vapid (the blue radar blip), remaining a fair distance back so you don’t spook Molina. lf he stops, pull over and wait a few car lengths behind. Don’t lose him, though! Press the button shown onscreen to toggle your focus on the janitor’s car if you lose sight of him. Molina travels up Alta Street, turns left onto Spanish Avenue, then left again onto Las Lagunas Boulevard where he pulls into an apartment complex. Take Lester’s advice: Drive past him and park just down the block. Pull into the destination marker i..’ in front of the next building.

Follow the janitor into his apartment.

Get out and move carefully up the hill toward Harvey Molina’s place. The fellow (the blue blip) has an unsatisfying exchange with a woman named Marilyn, then exits the parking area to the right. Follow Harvey at a distance as he climbs upstairs to his apadment door, right at the top of the first.staircase. Don’t get too close. Let the janitor enter his apartment, then follow him in. Entering the apartment triggers a cutscene: Michael borrows Harvey’s bag with his ID and overalls and strongly suggests that he take a vacation. Harvey is more than willing to comply.
Get back in your car and drive to the garment factory.
Return to your car, parked out on Las Lagunas, and follow the new yellow route back to Lester’s factory : in La Mesa. On the way, Lester reports that Franklin is heading to the factory office, too.

Go to the office.

When you arrive at Lester’s factory, climb the stairs and enter the office to trigger a cutscene: Franklin is there, waiting. Lester needs the blueprint plans for the FIB office so he can bypass its sophisticated security system. But the digital copies are too well hidden, so he wants Franklin to acquire a hard copy from the Los Santos-based architect, Chip Peterson. After Franklin exits, Michael also leaves and the mission ends.


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