Dead Man Walking Mission GTA V Guide

Dead Man Walking Mission GTA V Guide

The FIB’s intelligence counterpart, the Internal Affairs Agency (IAA), claims Ferdinand is dead and in the morgue, but Dave is sure the guy is being debriefed somewhere by Agency interrogators.
Dave wants Michael to infiltrate the morgue, currently locked down by the Agency, and verify whether Ferdinand’s body is there. Then Dave assists Michael with his infiltration plan.

Get a weapon.

Michael wakes up in a body bag at the coroner’s office in South Los Santos. Listen to the coroners discuss the specimen for a few amusing seconds, then press the button indicated onscreen to “wake up.” After issuing a warm greeting to the coroner’s team, Michael grabs some clothes and ducks out of sight as an Agency man bursts into the morgue… then turns away. When you gain control of Michael, activate stealth mode and sneak up behind the agent for a stealth takedown. Pick up his gun. Fortunately, it’s equipped with a flashlight, too.

Search the morgue for the body.

Now you must learn whether Ferdinand K is one of the bodies in the morgue. Body locations are marked as green blips on your map. Two bodies lie on gurneys in Autopsy Suite 3 across the hall. Approach both to discover that neither is Ferdinand. Michael automatically calls Dave, who reports that the Agency now has the morgue’s lower floors on security lockdown. He tells you to go upstairs and find your weapons bagged in an evidence room, and then find a way out. Dave will hack in and cut the power io give you some cover.

Escape from the building.


Fight your way down the next corridor past two more autopsy suites and a reception desk. Several Agency gunmen rush to attack, so Michael’s special ability to slow time while Shooting is particularly useful here. Using the ability to kill at least four enemies is one of the mission’s Gold Medal requirements. Some agents rush aggressively up the hall while others hang back or lurk in corners, so keep an eye on your radar to see what the red blips are doing.


When you reach the door marked Fire Exit, go through and climb the stairs to the next floor. Watch out for an agent bursting through the door on the top landing! Then move across the hall to the standard stairwell and fight your way upstairs to the top floor.

Escape through the window.

The yellow radar blip marks your new destination, a window in the archives room. First, clear the area around the top of the stairs and move directly across the hall into the Forensics Lab. (A ceiling-hung sign points the way.) Walk over the black plastic bag on the floor to pick up all of Michael’s weapons.
Now exit the Forensics Lab and move through the glass doors leading into an archives storage room. Shoot out the window and climb through. This triggers a quick scene: Michael makes a graceless dumpster dive and moves into the parking lot.

Lose the cops.

Carjack one of the two vehicles parked in the lot and hit the streets. The sporty Felon is more agile, but the burly Baller SUV is more durable. Your morgue incursion has triggered a three-star Wanted Level so the pursuit is hot, and it includes an LSPD chopper. Execute the usual evasive maneuvers until the stars flash out.

Go to the oil derricks.

Once you lose the cops, Michael automatically calls Franklin and asks to meet at the oil derricks in the Murrieta Oil Field. Follow the yellow route. On the way, Michael also has a phone chat with Dave Norton, who says, “There’s a big target out there, something in the shadows. He wants to meet Michael at the downtown plaza, ironically located between the two competing agencies: the FIB and the IAA.
Arrival at the oil field destination marker triggers a long conversation between Michael and Franklin: Michael tells Franklin the straight truth about his federal involvement, and about the danger that Trevor represents. Franklin vows to help, regardless. Michael is grateful, and promises a big score for the kid.


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