Deep Inside Mission Guide in Grand Theft Auto 5

Deep Inside Mission Guide in Grand Theft Auto 5

Get inside the lot and find an actor.

Climb over the nearby gate marked “Emergency Exit” Once inside, a red blip appears on radar marking the location of an actor. Turn left and follow the blip toward Stage 1. Turn right to find the actor outside his dressing trailer, abusing the staff.

Knock out the actor to get his clothes.

Wait until poor Tina, the production assistant, hurries away in tears, then use stealth mode to sneak up behind the actor. Knock him out with a stealth attack to fulfill a Gold Medal requirement. This triggers a quick scene: Franklin drags the unconscious fellow into his trailer and emerges in the actor’s clothes.

Get in the car.

The targeted JB 700 is marked as a blue blip on your map. Follow the blip around the corner to the right and approach the set. Walk right up to the car and get in. An actress is sitting in the passenger seat.

Lose the security.

Start following the yellow route that leads out of the studio lot. On the way, you see the woozy actor staggering outside the trailer in his underwear; run him over to fulfill another Gold Medal requirement. Cars full of hostile studio guards then start chasing you. The pursuers are marked as red blips on your radar.
Your annoying co-star keeps whining and grabbing the steering wheel as you drive, and the dogged security team stays right on your tail. But being a “secret agent” ride, your vehicle is modded with some unique options. First, drive in a straight line so the pursuing cars line up right behind you. Then press the button indicated to release a spray of spikes that takes out the closest pursuer. Repeat to take out another security car.
After one too many insults from the leading actress, Franklin finds a “red button” on the dash. Press the controller button indicated onscreen. (Do it within 10 seconds to fulfill another Gold Medal requirement.) This is an ejector button that sends the passenger flying through the roof. Afterwards, Franklin automatically calls Molly again.

Deliver the car to the garage.

Now you can travel the yellow route without harassment back to Hayes Autos, Devin’s garage Drive onto the lot and pull into the garage door that opens to complete the trip. As Devin greets Franklin, Lamar suddenly shows up. Thus Devin picks up another contractor to help provide car acquisition services.


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