Derailed Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

Derailed Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

Take the bike to the train.

You control Trevor after the cutscene. Hop on the Sanchez in front of his trailer and start following the blue route to rendezvous with the moving train. On the way, Trevor tells Michael that the target is a “high value courier service” run by none other than Merryweather. The freight may be gold, artwork or priceless antiquities.

Jump aboard the train.

After you reach the train ride up onto the tracks and start following it. A new yellow route appears that leads up an elevated path on the right side to a jump-off point
Hit the point going full speed to make the leap onto the top of a boxcar. (If you miss here. you can still try similar ramps further up the right side of the tracks.)

Drive atop the train to the engine.

Accelerate the bike from car to car up the entire length of the train until you reach its engine (the blue radar blip) at the front. Reaching the engine triggers a cutscene: Trevor crawls down a ladder, enters the locomotive’s cab, and takes control of the train.
Trevor reports to Michael that once the train passes Paleto station , Merryweather will be aware and send forces. When the train reaches the lumberyard n the Paleto Forest, you automatically switch to Michael in a speedboat out on the Alamo Sea

Go to the rail bridge.

Cassidy Creek flows west from the Alamo Sea to the ocean. Steer the boat underneath the first bridge (a vehicle crossing) at the entry to Cassidy Creek, then proceed downstream to the railroad crossing at the Calafia Bridge
Your arrival triggers a spectacular scene: Trevor’s train has a head-on collision with another engine, derailing a number of cars. Somehow, Trevor manages to bail out before the crash and dives into the . water below. several containers flip off of the derailed cars and plunge into the creek sticky bombs to blow open the orange container’s door
Steer to the orange container marked on radar as the green blip. Press the control indicated to cycle through available weapons and equip Sticky Bombs, then toss one onto the orange doors. Once the bomb is properly affixed, steer your boat a short distance away and detonate the explosive. Hurry! Trevor is nearby on a small outcropping (blue radar blip) and a Merryweather salvage team will arrive shortly. If you take too long to blow open the doors, Trevor can get killed.

Protect Michael from Merryweather.

Once the orange doors blow off, you automatically switch to Trevor. As Michael conducts the salvage operation, three boats carrying Merryweather gunmen approach. Clear off the gunmen, then target the helicopters that attack in the next wave-one from upstream to the right and a second chopper from downstream to the left, flying under the bridge.
Use your Sniper Rifle’s thermal scope to locate four snipers up on the bridge wreckage. (An Assault Rifle can reach these distant snipers, too.) Thermal view can also reveal a chopper and two more snipers who paraglide into the trees across the river, to the right of the bridge.

Get in the dinghy.

When Michael finally finds a package, he boats over to Trevor. Crawl into the boat and head downstream, taking a flying jump off the first waterfall. Several Merryweather boats follow your lead and open fire.
Escape down the rapids to the river’s mouth.
Michael pilots the boat downstream. As Trevor, start picking off the enemy boat crews. Or you can switch to Michael and focus on steering the boat. Carloads of Merryweather goons join the chase, heading down the road that runs along the shore. When you get past Raton pass , another helicopter drops in behind to open fire. Shoot it out of the air!

Land at the beach and reach the getaway vehicles.

When you finally get under the Great ocean Highway bridge into the open ocean, Michael automatically veers southwest down the coastline. Ron has placed a pair of getaway vehicles on the beach , not far down the coast. watch the final cutscene: Trevor wants the score for himself, but Michael believes the stolen artifact will settle things with Martin Madrazo, allowing them both to return to Los Santos without a price on their heads. In return, Michael offers Trevor a bigger score… a dream score.

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