Eye In the Sky Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

Eye In the Sky Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

As we noted at the end of “I Fought the Law…” the mission contact point is placed in different locations for Trevor and Franklin. Trevor can follow his map’s orange “D” to the LSPD headquarters building on the corner of Atlee and Sinner Streets. Or Franklin can follow his map’s green “D” to the FIB’s Covington lot down in the Murrieta Oil Field. Franklin’s contact point starts the mission after Trevor has already boarded the LSPD chopper and flown it to the FIB lot, so we recommend that you use Trevor for a more complete mission story.

Go to the police front desk.

Enter the headquarters and approach the front desk. Trevor says he’s been sent by Devin Weston, and the cop points to the staircase that leads to the helipad on the roof.

Get to the roof and board the LSPD helicopter.

Cross the entrance lobby and go through the doors marked “Locker Rooms.” Proceed to the stairs at the end of the corridor and climb them to the roof.
The LSPD pilot invites Trevor to board the waiting Police Maverick chopper.

Fly to Franklin’s location.

The pilot brings up the ID Scanner interface and explains that if you target any pedestrian who carries a driver’s license, the scanner accesses the San Andreas database and pulls up their record. Use the controls indicated onscreen to aim and zoom the scanner. Aiming the crosshairs at a location automatically instructs the pilot to fly towards it.
A blue marker on the scanner’s HUD (heads-up display) indicates Franklin’s location by the oil derricks. Swivel the camera view toward the blue triangle until the blue bracket marking the location appears onscreen. Center the camera’s crosshairs in the blue bracket to direct the pilot to fly towards Franklin.

Scan Franklin.

When you get close, center and zoom the scanner view on Franklin and press the button indicated to perform a police scan. You get his police record: “Franklin Clinton. Public Exposure.” After an amusing exchange about this data, Franklin hops in his vehicle. Next destination for both of you: Hawick

Scan the targets in Hawick.

Now three blue markers appear on your HUD. Center your scanner crosshairs on one of them to fly toward it. There are plenty of sordid tales in the city, and you can scan and listen to a number of them. You eventually find Chad Mulligan having an encounter with a woman named Karina Pearl in an apartment courtyard just off Hawick Avenue on Alta Street. Trevor reports the find to Franklin who drives to the neighborhood.

Track Chad Mulligan to find where he’s parked his car.

Soon Chad walks away from Karina and strolls eastward. Keep your HUD scanning box on him to track his movement. After he descends some nearby stairs, apartment balconies block the camera view and you get a “Target Lost” message on the HUD. Be patient and wait a few seconds until Chad emerges from under the balconies. Keep tracking him as he moves into the alley and opens a garage door.
Now Franklin arrives below-you can see his headlights illuminate Chad. But when Franklin emerges with a gun, Chad dives into the garage. Soon he roars away in the Z-Type and peels down an alley. Franklin hops in his own car and gives chase.

Keep your camera on the Z-Type to guide Franklin.

Chad gets a good head start so you must keep his Z-Type in your camera view. This lets Trevor relay directions to Franklin as he pursues the target. As long as you keep Chad in view, Franklin can stay on Cr his tail. Train the camera on the fleeing Z-Type so the chopper pilot automatically follows it.
The chase runs west on Hawick Avenue then down side streets and alleys until the Z-Type crosses Dorset Drive. It veers around the Lifeinvader offices, onto Boulevard Del Perro, and then takes a sharp turn down an alleyway that leads to a multilevel parking garage. Trevor orders his pilot to fly in closer to the structure.

Use thermal vision to locate Franklin.

The pilot suggests using thermal vision to find targets. Press the control indicated onscreen to see the brightly glowing pink-orange heat signatures of people in the parking garage. Find Franklin waving to you in the middle of the structure.

Find where Chad Mulligan is hiding.

You can see people in cars left and right of Franklin. But another Gold Medal requirement for this mission is to locate Chad Mulligan’s hiding place in the garage on the first scan. Chad is at the far north (leftmost) end of the garage. Swing the thermal vision camera all the way to the left to find the thermal image of a man sitting in his car, and then zoom in and hold. Franklin goes to investigate. This triggers a quick switch to Franklin, who now holds Chad at gunpoint next to the Z-Type. Here you can gun down Chad to eliminate a witness or just hop in the car and drive away. Soon you get a phone call from Molly with further instructions.

Get the car to the airport in good condition.

Follow the yellow route back to Los Santos International Airport. Drive carefully! If you inflict too much damage you fail the mission. Also, delivering the car with no damage whatsoever is a Gold Medal requirement. The first destination marker takes you to a security gate.
Drive through and follow the short yellow route into the Devin Weston Jet Charter hangar
Watch Franklin deliver the Z-Type to Weston and get more life advice in return.

Get to the airport exit.

Follow the yellow blip back to the security gate to end the mission.

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