Franklin and Lamar. Mission Walkthrough For Grand Theft Auto 5.

Franklin and Lamar. Mission Walkthrough For Grand Theft Auto 5.

Playable Character: Franklin

The scene switches to a psychiatrist’s couch in the Pacific Bluffs district of Los Santos. The patient taking the talking cure is none other than Michael Townley. He’s now nine years older… and has a new surname, “De Santa,” courtesy of the Federal Witness Protection Program. Our protagonist is clearly frustrated with the session, but the good doctor responds with a classic line: “Well, a sense of overriding futility is a vital part of the process. Embrace it.”
After the session, Michael strolls the beachfront walkway, a collage of Los Santos life. From a graffiti-tagged bench. he kindly guides a pair of young hustlers to Bertolt Beach House
The two young men, Lamar Davies and Franklin Clinton, follow his directions into the building’s courtyard. This is where the mission begins, and you take control of Franklin.

Choose one of the cars.

Your goal is to “boost” a pair of vehicles… but it’s legitimate car theft, a repossession job for a luxury auto dealer named Simeon Yetarian. Follow Lamar down the walk to the driveway in front of the building. Here you see two hot Sport cars a white Obey 9F Cabrio and a red Dewbauchee Rapid GT – under a foreclosure sign posted by Wolfs International Realty. Clearly, somebody bit off more Los Santos lifestyle than they could afford to chew.

Approach either one of the cars and press your controller’s Enter Vehicle button. Franklin automatically slides into the driver’s seat as Lamar hops into the other car. After lowering the convertible roof, Lamar peels out onto the Del Perro Freeway.

Follow Lamar.

Accelerate hard and follow Lamar’s car. (Hurry! If you wait too long to drive away, the owner rushes and pulls Franklin from his vehicle.) Lamar is marked as the blue blip on your radar, and you can also press the Focus button to auto-swivel your camera toward Lamar’s position. Lamar follows the streets for the most pad, but be ready to blow past red lights, dash through the Richards Majestic movie studio lot, and cut across several parking structures. (Your route is marked as the blue line on our mission map.) Don’t hit any of the actors in alien costumes on the movie lot if you want to earn a Gold Medal for the mission. Activate Franklin’s special driving ability as Lamar makes sharp, unexpected turns or when you need to maneuver through crazy traffic.

Lose the cops.

Franklin finally catches Lamar in the parking lot at the Union Depository building. After a quick cutscene, Lamar speeds off again as police units arrive with their lights flashing. You must now lose the cops, a standard task if you’re familiar with these games. You start with a two-star Wanted Level, shown by the number of stars displayed in the upper-right corner. At this Wanted Level, squad cars give chase aggressively and officers open fire.
The cops spot Franklin and the entire radar screen flashes red and blue. Keep an eye on your radar to see where the pursuit is coming from-again, police units are marked as red/blue flashing blips. Veer down side streets and alleys to avoid pursuers, using Franklin’s special ability for extra-tight turns.
If you can get out of their sight for a few seconds, the onscreen Wanted Level stars begin flashing to indicate that a “cooldown” period has begun.

During the cooldown phase of a chase, each police unit has a cone of vision (seen on radar) indicating the area that the officers can see. Obviously, avoid these cones! Hide in side alleys or discreet locations until the search ends. lf you can stay out of their sight (i.e., avoid the cones of vision) for a few more seconds, the Wanted Level stars eventually disappear as the cops call off the search.

Take the car back to the dealership.

Your final destination, Simeon’s car dealership , now appears as a yellow blip on your radar. Drive leisurely (or not) toward the yellow marker to trigger an establishing shot of Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport lot. Follow Lamar into the showroom to view the mission-ending cutscene.

Watch as Simeon reels in a prospective customer, a young fellow named Jimmy. (You’ll meet Jimmy again soon.) When the scene ends, a blue blip appears on your radar, marking the location of Franklin’s car, a white Bravado Buffalo.

Go to Franklin’s house.

Go out to Franklin’s unique white Buffalo and hop inside to get a new objective. Wait until Lamar slips into the passenger seat before driving away. Follow the yellow map route to the destination marker. Listen to the conversation between the homies as you travel.

When you arrive at Franklin’s house , pull into the driveway and park in the garage to trigger another f. quick scene as Franklin sends Lamar on his way. Note that after Lamar comments on Franklin’s haircut, Barber Shop locations become available on your map. The scene continues as Franklin enters hjs house and walks you through a quick tour.
Explore Franklin’s safehouse.
Franklin’s home functions as his “safehouse” – a place where he can chill on the sofa and smoke or watch TV; restore health via First Aid kits; and use the bedroom to change clothes or sleep to advance time and save your current game.

Once the house tour is complete, a “Mission Passed” screen appears that includes a list of completion stats based on the mission’s unique challenges.

100 % Mission Completion Stats: Franklin and Lamar
Not a Scratch – Deliver the repo car with minimal damage
Focused – Use Franklin’s special ability for 00:07
Winner – Win the race against Lamar
We Come In Peace – Avoid hitting any aliens in the movie studio

Optional: Take some target practice.

After completing “Franklin and Lamar.” new locations are unlocked. Open your Menu map and use the Switch View button to see the icons that mark available activities. Note that you can now visit Ammu-Nation gun shops, some of which have indoor shooting ranges where you can improve your shooting skill.
One of these ranges is right next door to Simeon’s dealership. so head there for some target practice before triggering the next mission. Weapon accuracy, reload speed, and crosshair movement all improve as the
Shooting Stat increases. These augmented skills are extremely helpful in the next mission, “Repossession”

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