Gold Guide For Fresh Meat Mission In GTA 5

Gold Guide For Fresh Meat Mission In GTA 5

Now you see Michael’s predicament. Hung upside down on a hook in a meatpacking plant somewhere in East Los Santos, Michael tries to convince Wei Cheng that kidnapping him was a mistake. But Cheng is not swayed and orders Michael killed.

Find Michael’s location.

A timer bar appears onscreen, showing how much time Franklin has to find Michael’s location; if the bar expires, Michael dies and you fail the mission. Switch to Franklin in his car. Open his cellphone, scroll to the
Trackify app in the lower-right corner, and launch it. A red blip appears on the Trackify screen, showing Michael’s location. Drive toward Michael by keeping the red dot centered on the vertical line rising from the white arrow, indicating your current location.
The app eventually leads you to the Raven Slaughterhouse , in East Los Santos. If you arrive via the front entrance, you see Cheng’s thugs standing guard by a pickup truck. (If you end up in the alley behind the facility, climb the nearby ladder and follow the long catwalk to the entrance.) Gun down the Triad thugs and head inside.

Rescue Michael.

The slaughterhouse is crawling with Cheng’s men. Fight your way room to room, past bins full of cattle flesh, until you finally reach the chamber where Michael hangs from the meat hook. (On the way, look for the First Aid Kit on a shelf near the first “meat wash sink.”) Shooting the enemy closest to Michael triggers a quick cutscene (and we do mean “cut” scene): Press the control shown onscreen and Franklin tosses Michael a pistol, then you automatically switch to Michael.
Michael may be upside-down, but he can still shoot. Activate his special ability to gun down Cheng’s men through the doors in the next room, then swivel left and nail the two shooters who rush in from the flank. Remember to go for headshots in this mode; this refills Michael’s ability bar faster and also helps fulfill a Gold Medal requirement.

Scout ahead with Franklin.

When the immediate area is clear, you automatically switch to Franklin. Push ahead into the next room where carcasses hang on rows of hooks. Fight your way around the corner to the left to trigger a cutscene: a knife-wielding attacker takes Franklin down!
Here you automatically switch to Michael, who still hangs from the hook. It’s a long-range shot, but aim through the doorway at the distant pair until the targeting reticle turns red, then fire quickly. After nailing Franklin’s assailant, Michael shoots through the chains binding his feet and falls to the ground.

Escape from the slaughterhouse.

Now you can switch back and forth between Michael and Franklin as you fight through the rest of he plant. The exit is marked as a yellow blip on your map, so keep working toward that destination. You want to use Franklin’s driving ability for the getaway, so switch to Franklin before he reaches the garage door to the loading dock. (Once you arrive at the exit, you can’t use the SWITCH display.)
Run Franklin outside and hop in one of the two cars parked at the dock, wait for Michael to join you, and then drive away fast, Some of Cheng’s men hop in the other car and give chase!

Go to Michael’s house.

Start following the yellow route to the De Santa home in Rockford Hills. You can use Franklin’s driving skills to lose Cheng’s men or just riddle them with drive-by bullets. When their red blip finally disappears from your radar, continue on to Michael’s house.
Pulling up to Michael’s driveway triggers the mission-ending scene: Michael finally gives Franklin a sketchy account of what went down years ago in North Yankton, in regard to Trevor, each warns the other: “Watch your back”

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