Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide and Walkthrough, Reviews, Tips and Tricks (Cheats)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide and Walkthrough, Reviews, Tips and Tricks (Cheats)

I have just finished this amazing game on my Playstation 3 console and I have to say that it has been a real pleasure to play it to the end.

Here are some tips and tricks about this wonderful game called Grand Theft Auto V :



Your character’s Health, Armor, and Special ability meter appear in the bar just below the radar in the bottom-left corner of the screen- The first portion of the bar (on the left) is your Health meter. When fully lit green, you have full Health. The light green drains and reveals dark green as you take damage. If you continue to take damage or sprint for longer than your stamina allows, this meter dips into red as your Health drops. And if you continue to take damage, the red empties and you become wasted-you wake up at a hospital and a fee is automatically deducted (this fee is larger if you have died while resisting arrest).
You receive automatic Health regeneration only up to 50% percent. Every time your Health dips below 50%, it slowly regenerates back up to the 50% mark. After that, you need to replenish with First Aid Kits or by consuming food or drink to bump it up to 100%.



The smaller blue bar (in the middle) represents your Armor status. This is light blue when Armor is full, and dark blue when Armor is nonexistent. Your Armor is your first line of defense when it comes to getting shot. Your Armor takes the hit first, and then your Health. You can find a few Armor pickups around the map (see Weapon and Armor map), but the easiest way to get Armor is to buy it from Ammu-Nation. They have several qualities available: Super Light Armor, Light Armor, Standard Armor, Heavy Armor, and Super Heavy Armor.



The Specialty meter is the yellow bar on the far-right end of the meter, below the radar. Filling this gauge is different for each character. When full, the meter is a bright yellow; as it drains, it reveals a darker yellow color.


Lung capacity

While in water, the specialty meter becomes your Lung Capacity meter. If you’re underwater longer than your Lung Capacity allows, the meter drains and begins to decrease your health.


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