Grand Theft Auto 5 Mission “Complications” Walkthrough Gold Guide. Gameplay GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Mission “Complications” Walkthrough Gold Guide. Gameplay GTA 5

Mission Can Be Triggered By: Franklin

This mission requires some stealth. Follow the “S” icon back to Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership . Simeon wants to repossess an SUV from a kid named James De Santa. The address is a ritzy Rockford Hill estate on Hampstead off Eclipse.

Travel to the house where the SUV is located.

A yellow blip marks the targeted car,s location on your map . Follow the yellow route to the tall security gate blocking the driveway that leads up to the De Santa estate. The gate doesn’t open, of course, so you’ll have to find another way to reach the SUV

Find a way into the house.

There are two places where you can get over the perimeter fence. The quickest option is to walk uphill a few steps, then scale the sidewalk gate. Watch out for the gardener (with his back to you) just across the lawn!
If he spots you, your cover is blown and you fail the mission.
Take out the gardener.
To neutralize the gardener, remain unarmed and immediately press your Stealth Mode button, then sneak up behind him as he blows leaves off the lawn. When you get close enough, press and hold the
Aim Weapon button, then press the Heavy Melee Attack button to perform a “takedown” that knocks him out. Once the gardener is down, you can try to open the nearby garage door, but the SUV is locked inside. In fact, all of the home’s exterior doors are locked. The vehicle is reachable only via an interior door, so you must find a way inside the house.

Climb into the house.

Find the gardener’s truck parked in the archway entrance on the right side of the house (opposite of the garage). Here the game graciously provides onscreen directions: Climb onto the truck, then onto the terracotta roof to reach an open window on the second level.
Climb into the upstairs bathroom just as a young woman walks past out in the hallway. Listen to hear a young man talking nearby. (His voice may sound familiar; it’s the same kid you met back in Simeon’s showroom after completing “Franklin and Lamar.”)

Retrieve the car.

Make sure Franklin is in stealth mode again. On your radar, a blue circle emanating from your player icon (the green arrow) indicates how much sound you’re generating. If you get too loud, the house occupants will hear you and you fail the mission. Exit the bathroom.
People you must avoid appear as red blips on your radar. The first door on the left is the boy’s bedroom and the first door around the corner to the right is the girl’s bedroom, so avoid both and proceed down the staircase dead ahead.
On the first floor, Franklin hears more voices; Mrs. De Santa and her male tennis instructor are just around the corner in the kitchen. Wait until the instructor helps the woman with her backhand swing, which leaves them facing away from you. Then creep toward them from the entrance foyer and quickly turn left down the first corridor, which leads into the garage. Hop into the yellow SUV a Karin BeeJay XL, and drive it out of the garage.

Take the car to the dealership.

Follow the yellow route that leads back to Simeon’s dealership . As you pull away from the De Santa estate, Franklin automatically calls Simeon with the news that he procured the vehicle. As you continue driving the route, watch the back seat of the SUV After a few seconds, a man sits up and holds a gun to Franklin’s head. Use the control indicated onscreen to toggle on the hood camera and get a close-up look.
Keep driving along the yellow route as the man, Michael De Santa, father of Jimmy, converses with Franklin. When you reach the destination, pull into the yellow marker across the street from Simeon’s dealership.

Ram through the dealership window.

Michael orders Franklin to drive right through the front window of Simeon’s showroom. Steer for the window directly under the front corner of the building. Smashing through the glass triggers a cutscene: Michael slips Franklin some thank-you cash and confronts the Armenian car dealer. The two end up squaring off for a fistfight.

Beat up Simeon.

After the cutscene, the game automatically triggers a character switch and you gain control of Michael.
A set of melee fighting controls appears onscreen, as well. Use them to lock on to Simeon, then punch or kick him; you can also dodge his attack and quickly launch a counter hit. Keep striking the car dealer until you trigger a cutscene: Michael slams Simeon into the yellow SUV, issues a final threat. and exits onto the sidewalk.

Mission 100% Completion Stats “Complications”

Mission Time – Complete within 05:00
Can’t Touch This – Take no damage during the fight with Simeon
Dirt Nap – Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack



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