Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jumps Locations Guide Part 3

Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jumps Locations Guide Part 3

Golf Course

Stunt Jump: Golf Course Pedestrian Bridge
Landing Zone: On opposite side of bridge
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle, including golf cart

Golf Course Sunt Jump
Simply jump the gap in the broken bridge in the southeast corner of the Los Santos Golf Club green. A lot of speed isn’t necessary. Actually, too much speed sends you over the vine arch on the landing zone side. Hit the arch or go over it and the jump is failed-go under the arch. You receive a two-star Wanted Level for being on the course without playing golf. So do this in a golf cart or just lose the Wanted Level afterward.

Dockyard River Jump

Stunt Jump: Broken concrete wall
Landing Zone: Opposite slde of the canal
Suggested Vehicle: Sport bike

Dockyard river Jump
At the docks, start your run under the Dutch London Street overpass. Speed west along the docks roadway. Jump the broken concrete wall ramp through the hole in the wall, across the canal, and to the other side. Land your jump on the did above the concrete bulkhead of the canal. A sports bike or a light vehicle is a good choice for this jump.

Sandy Shores Motel

Stunt Jump: Wood plank ramp
Landing Zone: West side of Sandy Shores Motel
Suggested Vehicle: Racing bike

Sandy Shores Motel
Start your run on the very fast motorcycle a few blocks east of the motel (the same motel you shoot coyotes from as Trevor while on the rooftop). Get plenty of speed and hit the ramp at Panorama Drive straight on. Soar over the motel without touching it. The jump lands beyond the empty pool or on the dirt ramp in the pool. This pool also contains a Letter Scrap collectible.

Freeway To Drain

Stunt Jump: Metal road plank
Landing Zone: Los Santos flood control drain
Suggested Vehicle: Any

Freeway To Drain
This lump can be performed with any vehicle because it’s pretty much a controlled drop. Head south on the Los Santos Freeway to Del Perro Freeway. As you begin veering east toward the Del Perro, hit the ramp on the right side of the road over the flood control drain. Veer off the right end of the ramp and land below in the drain, but not in the water, to complete the jump. Use Franklin’s driving skill to avoid traffic and to make the last-second steering adjustment off the ramp

Multi Story Garage Jump

Stunt Jump: Plywood ramp
Landing Zone: Capital Boulevard
Suggested Vehicle: Sports car or motorcycle

Multi Story Garage Jump
Find the ramp on the east end of the three-story parking garage on the corner of Capital Boulevard and Crusade Road. Back up to the far west edge and speed up the wooden ramp to sail over the lower building and land on the sidewalk at Capital Boulevard or on the Boulevard.

La Puerta Freeway Switch

Stunt Jump: Metal roadside ramp
Landing Zone: Opposite side of freeway
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle

La Puerta Switch
Head north on La Puerta Freeway. Look for the ramp between roads under the overpass. Hit the ramp at a bit of an angle, favoring ihe left side to get enough air to clear the guardrail and land on the other side of the La Puerta Freeway against opposing traffic. You can hit the guardrail as long as you make it to the other side of the freeway and still pass the challenge. Use Franklin’s special ability to avoid traffic on the way to the ramp, and then make the steering adjustment going off the ramp.

Airport Jump 1

Stunt Jump: Construction container dumpster
Landing Zone: Hangar entry gate
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle

Airport Jump 1
If Dom is blocking this jump as he sits on the back of a truck waiting for you to start Liquidity Risk Two, then complete that mission to get him out of the way. Otherwise, speed south from beside the Sightings bar and hit the construction dump ramp on the sidewalk near the hangar entry gate. Jump over the gate to land near the hangar. You get a three-star wanted Level unless you own a hangar at this airport.

The Jetty

Stunt Jump: Second-story glass rail of The Jetty garage
Landing Zone: Next to or in Xero gas station lot
Suggested Vehicle: Sport bike

The Jetty Sunt Jump
This is a good one for Franklin’s driving skill. Head northwest on Playa Vista and veer left up the ramp to The Jetty multi-level parking garage. Head straight through the barricades and through the first opening in the glass guardrail from the left to launch out the back of the garage and sailing toward the Xero gas station lot below. Land in the grass to the right of Xero or in the gas station lot to complete the challenge.

Sandy Shores Landing Strip

Stunt Jump: Dirt hill
Landing Zone: Country landing strip
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle

Sandy Shores Landing Strip Stunt Jump
There’s a parked Dune Buggy at the suggested starting position of this Stunt Jump; it works well for this jump Start from the dirt road south of the dirt hill. Race down the dirt road, cross the T-intersection, hit the dirt ramp, and sail over the large white boulders. After clearing the large boulders, use air controls to maintain your balance while landing on or just before the landing strip on the hill,s other side.

La Puerta Drain Jump 1

Stunt Jump: Drain bulkhead
Landing Zone: East side of drain
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle

La Puerta Drain Jump
Start in the field just off of Dutch London Street and head east under the rail bridge. Continue up a slanted drain bulkhead ramp. Jump over the narrow drain and land on the other side headed toward La Puerta Freeway.


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    Will you finish the stunt jumps?

    • admin November 1, 2013 at 7:27 PM - Reply

      Yes, I will post the rest of the stunt jumps in GTA V soon

      • Mohamed March 31, 2015 at 10:00 AM - Reply

        I thought this from the wesibte was interesting: “Any missing assembly parts supplied upon request. Component bags are filled by the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Center. Everyone makes mistakes, so once in a while nuts, bolts, etc are miscounted!” Good for them.

  2. Gabriel March 31, 2015 at 3:05 AM - Reply

    I do. Some of them ended in hilarious scrpaes and falls. Sometimes I wonder how I survived them at all! The worst thing a boy can do is see George Hamilton in the movie “Evel Knievel” at a matinee and come home to try stunts on a bicycle! 🙂

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