Grand Theft Auto Police Wanted Level Guide

Grand Theft Auto Police Wanted Level Guide


In Grand Theft Auto V, certain in-game actions cause a Wanted Level. The Wanted Level ranges from one to five stars and is tied to an escalating police response; the higher the Wanted Level, the less likely it is that you may evade capture. If you are captured, you have the option to start the mission over from the beginning or restart from the last checkpoint. Wanted Levels are given if you are seen committing a crime by a non-player character. The more serious and more frequent the offense, the quicker you earn a Wanted Level or advance an existing one. For example, assaulting a police officer will result in a higher Wanted Level than assaulting a pedestrian. When you commit certain acts, such as murder or assault, a corresponding number of flashing stars appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.
The minimap flashes red and blue to indicate that the police are looking for you. If the police spot you, the stars become solid white and the police give pursuit. Even if you can gain sufficient distance from your pursers, you remain “wanted” for a set period of time or until certain evasive actions are taken.

In rural or wilderness areas, you may still be reported for a crime, though there are fewer pedestrians to witness it. Witnesses phone in crimes, with the same resulting penalties as if in Los Santos; however, the response time is slower. In the countryside, sheriffs take the place of city police. Security guards and park rangers patrol certain areas on the outskirts of the city, and they respond to trespassers or to criminal activity, sometimes aggressively.

Wanted Levels often play a part in missions. The successful completion of some missions relies on you not obtaining a Wanted Level or losing the Wanted Level before completing the mission. Other times, a Wanted Level plays a role at the end of a mission, as your character and your crew escape authorities. These Wanted Levels start at a specified rating and can be escalated through your actions. You need to evade pursuit to complete the mission. During these missions, actions that would normally produce a Wanted Level-for example killing an innocent bystander-will not trigger a Wanted Level at all.


This is the least extensive level of police response. These are given by fighting or killing civilians, shooting in public, or causing explosions in public. Witnesses phone in crimes to the police, resulting in a one-star Wanted Level. Violent actions may result in a Wanted Level, but so do certain nonviolent actions, such as pulling up behind a police cruiser and honking antagonistically or standing too close to a cop without moving after being warned. Bumping into police vehicles with your own is yet another way to get a Wanted Level.


lf you have a one-star Wanted Level, the following actions increase it to two stars: evading the police in a vehicle; hitting a civilian or another car with your vehicle; lengthy pursuit by police; threatening police with a weapon; trespassing into Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Avoiding being busted or killed by police while remaining in their line of sight for a period of time increases your Wanted Level to two stars as more officers become involved in the attempt to apprehend you. The extent of the police response pursuing you is increased during a two-star Wanted Level.


Shooting at or killing a police officer automatically earns a three-star Wanted Level. Trespassing on Los Santos International Airport’s tarmac area gets you an automatic three-star Wanted Level.


Continuing to fight the law during a three-star Wanted Level warrants a four-star Wanted Level. A four-star is also given when you trespass onto the Zancudo Army Base or the Humane Research Company grounds.


Continuing to antagonize the police during a four-star wanted Level warrants a five-star Wanted Level. This is the most extensive level of police response.


Losing a Wanted Level in Grand Theft Auto V is a little different than earlier games in the series; some interesting options have been added. If the Wanted Level is given during a mission, then completing that mission is the best way to lose the Wanted Level.

The first thing you need to do is to get away from the scene of a crime.
If you are in the city, this usually means a few city blocks away. No matter the Wanted Level, cops thoroughly search the scene of the crime. you can instantly lose the highest of levels by respraying your vehicle at a Mod Shop, as long as the police doesn’t see you entering the shop.

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