Grand Theft Auto V: First Mission: Prologue Walkthrough and Guide

Grand Theft Auto V: First Mission: Prologue Walkthrough and Guide

Playable Characters: Michael, Trevor

Our story begins on a frigid winter’s day in North Yankton, the ice capital of America. Grand Theft Auto 5 wastes no time, tossing you immediately into the heat of a heist in progress. With ruthless efficiency, a trio of masked bandits invade the offices of an armored transport company, Bobcat Security . The team leader is a seasoned thief named Michael Townley, and his partners are Trevor Philips and Brad Snider.

Tie up the guard.

This opening mission functions as a live-action tutorial that teaches you the basics of movement, manipulating objects, targeting and shooting, driving vehicles, and other common game activities.
It also introduces you to Michael and Trevor, two of the game’s three main characters.
You control Michael as the scene opens. Your first objective appears at the bottom of the screen.
Note that the word “guard” is in red letters. Cerlain words in the onscreen objective text are color-coded to match the blips on your radar display in the lower-left corner. ln this case, the guard you want to tie up (marked as a red blip on the radar) is just a few feet away. Simply st.ep through thd security door to trigger a quick cutscene: Your character, Michael, binds the guard’s hands behind-his back.
Aim at the hostages to make them move. Trevor heads through the doors to affix plastic explosives to the vault door. Your next task is to herd the hostages into the back closet. To do so, press the control indicated onscreen to aim your weapon, then use the controller stick to target each hostage and convince them to retreat into the closet.

Use the phone to trigger explosive charges.

Now follow the directions shown onscreen to bring up your phone, view its contact list, and select “Detonate” to trigger the plastic explosives. Watch the vault blast open.

Go to the vault and collect the cash.

Push through the double doors and turn left into the hallway, following the yellow destination blip on your radar to the violated vault, then head for the money (marked as a green blip on your radar) stacked in the corner. This triggers a quick cutscene as Michael and Trevor scoop up the cash.
When the scene ends, follow Trevor out of the vault. This triggers another cutscene: A brave (and foolish) security guard gets the drop on Michael.
The guard yanks off Michael’s ski mask and claims he’ll remember his face. This prompts Michael to respond: “You forget a thousand things every day. How ’bout you make sure this is one of ’em?”
(We quote Michael’s response here because it will be important later in the story.)

Switch to Trevor and take out the guard.

Time to make your first character switch. Hold down the control button indicated onscreen to bring up a small display wheel in the lower-right corner. This shows the characters available for switching.
The one highlighted on the left side of the wheel is Michael, who you currently control. To switch to Trevor, keep holding down the control, then push the control stick to the right, highlighting Trevor in the display wheel. Release both controls and you instantly pop’over to take control of Trevor. As Trevor, aim and target the security guard’s head. You can press the control indicated onscreen to zoom while aiming. When you get the shot you want, pull the trigger. Try to nail the guard with a single headshot.

Get to cover.

After liberating Michael, follow your two partners down the hall to the next destination blip on your radar. When you reach the marked spot, press the Cover button on your controller to take cover behind the crate. Brad then automatically sets a charge on the locked exit door. Wait until it detonates, then leave cover two different ways to do this are indicated onscreen.

Open the shutter door.

Follow your partners through the blasted doorway. Move toward the green blip on your radar that marks the location of a control switch for the shutter exit door. Simply approach the switch- Trevor automatically hits it to open the shutter.

Escape the cops.

Hustle outside and immediately take cover behind one of the support beams to the left. Cops are everywhere! From cover, start aiming and shooting. One good tactic is to flank the police by moving around the Bobcat Security armored cars on the left side of the parking lot. Once the lot is cleared, move to the big exit gate where more cops have taken up positions on the road.
Switch back and fotlh between Trevor and Michael to get better shooting angles as additional police units arrive. Fight your way up the road past the barn to trigger the next objective.

Get to the car.

A blue blip appears on your radar, marking the spot where your team’s getaway car and driver are waiting near the “Welcome to Ludendorff” sign just across the T-intersection. More police cruisers arrive, so target shooters as you approach the getaway car.
Press the button indicated onscreen to enter your car. This triggers another short cutscene: Michael hops into the passenger seat and the driver hits the gas. Unfortunately, a squad car manages to catch up, and officers shoot your driver. Michael slides over behind the wheel and you take control of the vehicle.

Drive to the helicopter pick-up point.

Here, plenty of onscreen prompts help you learn basic driving controls. Accelerate and follow the yellow route marked on your map.¬†It leads toward your destination-a landing zone designated for an escape helicopter, marked by a yellow blip. As you approach the little hamlet of Ludendorff, you encounter a police roadblock . Take Trevor’s advice and cut a hard right up the side road, then accelerate toward the train crossing. This triggers a dramatic cutscene:
The train clips and disables your getaway car as it speeds across the tracks.

Forced to abandon the car, the crew tries to reach the pick up point on foot, but a sniper derails that plan. As Brad goes down, then Michael, Trevor calls out that someone must have talked.

Hold off the cops.

Now Trevor is on his own. If you want more gunplay, use cover and pick off the arriving police. Or you can just sprint to the right to trigger another cutscene: a bystander makes a break from the nearby farmhouse and Trevor takes her hostage. The scene ends with Trevor sprinting across an open field with officers in pursuit.

Watch the prologue’s ending.

The prologue ends with a cemetery scene. Bereaved loved ones gather around a coffin lowered in the frozen turf at a headstone that reads “Michael Townley.” Interestingly, the FIB sniper responsible for shooting Michael strolls past the sad ceremony. Then Michael himself steps up to the cemetery’s iron fence to take in a bit of the eulogy. As the preacher so eloquently (and ironically) puts it: “Father, we do not know your infinite mysteries. But we know you will show mercy to our friend.”

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