GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations. Part 2

GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations. Part 2

Into Richman

Stunt Jump: Richman sheet metal ramp
Landing Zone: Picture Perfect Way
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle

Into Richman Stunt Jump
This Stunt Jump is at a cliff barricade at the dirt road’s end, just off of North Sheldon Avenue. The jump is from sheet metal on a large piece of concrete conduit. Use Franklin for this jump. Start your run a few houses away, up north on Sheldon Avenue. Use Franklin’s driving specialty to avoid traffic on the way to the ramp and also to correct your angle just before going over the ramp. When you hit the ramp, go directly up the middle, matching the direction of the ramp. This allows you to miss the tree below. Land the jump at the bottom of the cliff and onto Picture Perfect Way. You should land near the intersection of Picture Perfect and Hardy Way in Richman. Try using a slower vehicle or a motorcycle if you overshoot the landing zone.


El Gordo Lighthouse

Stunt Jump: Shoreline cliff rock ramp
Landing Zone: El Gordo Lighthouse lsland
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

El Gordo Lighthouse Stunt Jump GTA V
This Stunt Jump is a raised rock ramp on the shoreline cliff’s ledge beside a white veranda carport and an old two-story house with a view of the El Gordo Lighthouse. This is Hitcher Girl’s house. A motorcycle or an exotic vehicle is not necessary for this jump; it’s easy to overshoot the landing zone.


Prison Jump

Stunt Jump: Hillside
Landing Zone; Inside Bolingbroke Penitentiary grounds
Suggested Vehicle: Street bike or sports car

Prison Jump Sunt Locations GTA V
Start this run on the hilltop between Interstate I3 (Senora Freeway) and Senora Road to the west. Back up and get a good distance run at the jump, which is due north off the hill south of the penitentiary. Sail over the narrow road around the prison, over the first and second rows of gates, and land on the pathway between the prison and the second gate line. You’ll likely hit a wall, but will be okay as long as you put all four tires down first.
You get an automatic two-star Wanted Level for entering the pen and cops are all over immediately. Pause and go to the map. Place a destination marker somewhere outside the prison to help find your way out quickly. Go off-road to lose the heat.


Pillbox Hill Stairs

Stunt Jump: Broken stair rail
Landing Zone: Strawberry Avenue
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle

Pillbox Hill Stairs Stunt Jump GTA 5
Use a motorcycle for this jump since the break in the stair rail is so narrow that it’s difficult to steer a speeding car through. A motorcycle can easily speed off the jump. Start with your back tire on the sidewalk on the west side of Elgin Avenue. Face the gap between Pillbox Hill Medical Center and the building on the right. Tear east across the street and between the buildings. Aim for the gap in the stair rail and sail toward Strawberry Avenue. Land on the sidewalk just before Strawberry Avenue, clearing the large palm tree planter.


Boat Shop Sprunk Ramp

Stunt Jump: Mission Row Sprunk ramp at Get Aweigh watersports store
Landing Zone: Olympic Freeway
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle

Boat Shop Sprunk Ramp
This bright green Sprunk ramp is in a fenced-in boat lot at the Get Aweigh watersports store. The jump is easily completed on almost any motorcycle, but vehicles have a harder time with the jump due to their weight and the amount of lift needed to get up onto the raised freeway behind the ramp. Start your run east of the ramp in the median of Little Bighorn Avenue. Speed west along Adam’s Apple Boulevard and veer left into the boat store lot through the open gate. Franklin is your best bet for this jump. Use his ability to veer quickly into the lot and up the ramp correctly. Steer directly up the Sprunk ramp and land your jump on Olympic Freeway. There’s a broken section of the concrete guardrail that allows you to just reach the road. Hitting vehicles on the freeway before landing your jump results in failure.


South Los Santos Garage Jump

Stunt Jump: Garage rooftop plywood ramp
Landing Zone: Innocence Boulevard
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

Soutl Los Santos Garage Jump
Enter the multi-level parking garage behind the Towing Impound lot (used in Tonya’s Pulling Favors missions). The entrance to the garage is on the opposite side (McDonald Street). Head To the rooftop and start your run on the opposite side of the ramp location. Jump over the Towing Impound lot and land on Innocence Boulevard.


Pillbox Overpass

Stunt Jump: Overpass with broken guardrail
Landing Zone: San Andreas Avenue
Suggested Vehicle: Bike

Pillbox overpass Stunt Jump
This jump is through a couple of road barricades and over the edge of an overpass with a broken concrete rail. There’s a small broken concrete bump at the edge of a jump that causes four-wheeled vehicles to flip in the air. It’s possible to land after a flip using air controls, but this is much easier while on a bike. Start your run a block west on San Andreas Avenue in Pillbox Hill. Speed east along San Andreas Avenue and plow through the wooden road barricades and over the overpass. Land on lower San Andreas Boulevard.


Construction Jump

Stunt Jump: Dirt mound in a Paleto Bay construction site
Landing Zone: Alleyway
Suggested Vehicle: Average vehicle

Construction Jump GTA 5
This jump is the large dirt pile in the construction site next to Paleto Boulevard. Start the run with your bumper against the stack of pipes near the gated entrance. Speed up the ramp, slightly favoring the left side (aim left of the distant telephone pole when looking at the horizon over the ramp). Jump over the construction yard fence, a very small short wall near a dumpster on the right, and land in the alleyway ahead. Slam on the brakes before you hit the short wall blocking the alley, or land your jump on the other side of it.


Under The Overpass

Stunt Jump: Dirt Mound
Landing Zone: Dirt or Freeway under overpass
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle or fast sports car

Under the Overpass Stunt Jump GTA V
This ramp is found to the left while traveling south on the Senora Freeway. When the wind farm is visible in the distant east, look for the gap in the left guardrail. Veer off the road at a high speed and hit the dirt ramp in the direction it faces. Pass underneath the Los Santos Freeway overpass and land either on the ground near the low road or on the low road, the Senora Freeway. If you have difficulty with this jump, you may be overshooting the landing zone. Try landing directly under the overpass.


Stunt Jump: Pagoda
Landing Zone: Rockford Drive
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

Pagoda Stunt Jump GTA V
The jump is the pagoda in Little Seoul at the intersection of Vespucci Boulevard and Decker Street. It has an access ramp on the east side. Start your run about a block away, up east on Vespucci Boulevard. A lot of speed isn’t necessary; it’s easy to overshoot the landing. Hit the ramp straight on and land your jump on the next street west of the pagoda (South Rockford Drive). You jump over a grassy corner, sidewalk, and bench. The toughest thing is to avoid hitting the nearby street light pole.
Using a car instead of a bike seems to help for some reason. You can also land on the lawn just beyond South Rockford, but avoid landing on the next wall or the rooftops of the nearby houses.


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