GTA V Gold Medal Guide “Father Son” Mission

GTA V Gold Medal Guide “Father Son” Mission

Mission Can Be Triggered by:

Michael, Franklin

After completing “Complications,” the “M” icon appears on the map. Either Michael or Franklin can follow it to the De Santa residence, but we recommend using Michael-you get a quick tour of his “safehouse” when he arrives, plus an extended cinematic look at the dysfunctional state of his family life. Franklin, looking for work, approaches Michael by the pool. Michael dispenses classic Grand Theft Auto advice: “Go to college. Then you can rip people off and get paid for it. It’s called capitalism.” As the two head out for a beer, Michael’s son Jimmy calls. He’s hiding in the family yacht that’s being hauled down the Western Highway by thieves.

Take Amanda’s car to Pacific Bluffs

You start out controlling Michael. Run around or through the house to the driveway and get into the red convertible, an Ubermacht Sentinel, parked in the driveway. Wait until Franklin hops into the passenger seat, then follow the yellow route to the Great Ocean Highway in the Pacific Bluffs district. Enjoy the dialogue on the way as Michael and Franklin get to know each other. When you reach your destination, Michael spots the yacht speeding down the highway, hauled on a trailer by a truck.

Get Franklin close to the yacht.

The yacht appears on your radar as a blue blip. Turn left onto the Great Ocean Highway and give chase. As you close the distance, Franklin climbs over the windshield onto the hood of your car. Steer directly behind the yacht and stay close for a few seconds so Franklin can make the leap onto the boat.

Chase the yacht and shoot the thief.
Stay on the rig’s tail as Franklin works his way forward while tossing thieves off the back. One of the bad guys gets Franklin in a dangerous position. Try to nail the thug before he can toss Franklin off the boat, which terminates the mission.

Catch Jimmy.

Once the deck is cleared for Franklin, he creeps forward and finds Jimmy. Unfortunately, when the kid stands to wave at his dad, the yacht’s boom knocks him off the boat, Jimmy manages to grab the boom, but it swings him out over the road to the left of the barreling rig.
Now you must drive under the spot where Jimmy dangles from the boom and hold steady so he can drop into your car. This is complicated by the fact that bad guys push Franklin over the gunwale and start tossing crates at him as he hangs on. Another thief starts to shimmy along the boom, trying to reach Jimmy and shove him off.

Dodge the bouncing crates as they hit the road, and carefully steer underneath Jimmy before the shimmying thief reaches him. Once the kid drops into your backseat, Franklin manages to get back aboard and moves to the boat’s stern. Catch Franklin.
Accelerate to a position directly behind the yacht so Franklin can jump back into your car. Once Franklin is safe in the passenger seat again, Michael declares that it’s time to retrieve the boat. But the Sentinel’s engine suddenly starts smoking badly and you lose power. The boat thieves escape.

Go to Los Santos Customs.

Franklin points out a nearby “chop shop” where Michael can get Amanda’s ride fixed. Follow the yellow map route to the destination marker at the entrance of Los Santos Customs , a 24-hour auto repairs shop. En route, Michael asks Franklin to handle the car’s repair. your arrival triggers a quick scene: Michael takes a taxi home while Franklin and Jimmy get the car fixed. Watch a brief tutorial on how to use Los Santos Customs to customize your vehicle.

Get Amanda’s car repaired.

When-control returns, drive up to the blue garage door. When it opens, drive inside the shop and choose the free “Repair Vehicle” option from the Selection menu in the upper-left corner” You can also scroll through the other custom options available.

Go to Michael’s house.

Drive out of the mod garage and follow the yellow route back to the De Santa residence . Pull into the destination marker in the driveway to trigger the mission-ending cutscene: Jimmy wants to “run together’ with Franklin, and Franklin adds Jimmy as a new contact in his phone list.

Mission Completion Stats: Father / Son

Quick Catch – Rescue Jimmy within 00:10
Not a Scratch – Deliver Amanda’s car with no damage

Gameplay Father Son Mission:


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