Minor Turbulence Mission In GTA V

Minor Turbulence Mission In GTA V

Get in the crop duster.

Hop in a car with Ron and drive to McKenzie Field up in Grapeseed. Board the crop duster inside the hangar, then taxi it out to the runway and get airborne.

Fly to the cargo plane.

The Merryweather weapons shipment is aboard a big cargo plane that Ron reports is flying in a holding pattern to the west its location is marked as the blue blip on radar. Fly straight toward it, but take Ron’s advice and stay very low; the control tower at the Fort Zancudo military base is monitoring air traffic. Ron pings you whenever you gain too much altitude.

Follow the cargo plane, staying close to the ground.

The cargo plane is heading northward. When you finally spot it up ahead, start following but remain as low as possible. Do not to fly directly over Fort Zancudo. If you do, the base scrambles fighter jets that will shoot you right down.

Fly close to the rear of the cargo plane.

When you get far enough away from the military base, an onscreen message reports that you can climb to match the cargo plane’s altitude. Fly directly toward its tail. The Merryweather pilot tries to warn you off. When you get closer, the cargo plane’s tail hatch swings open so gunmen inside can fire at your crop duster.

Fly inside the cargo plane.

This open hatch provides your entry point. Fly directly at it, banking side to side to dodge enemy fire. When you get close enough, a cutscene plays: Trevor rams the crop duster right into the hatch and hops out.

Fight to the cockpit and take control.

Use the crates for cover and fight past the guards in the cargo bay to the cockpit ladder. Watch out for jeeps and crates sliding down the hold and out of the hatch. When you reach the ladder, climb into the cockpit. The pilot is waiting for you, his weapon drawn. Gun him down quickly and move forward.

Fly the cargo plane back towards McKenzie Field.

Approach the flight controls and press the button indicated onscreen to operate them. A new yellow destination blip appears on your radar marking the location of McKenzie Field. Bank the big jet around to follow the blip.
Just seconds into this portion of the flight, two military fighter jets suddenly appear and follow the cargo plane. Then the jets open fire. It’s actually impossible to escape these fighters, but you should climb as high as possible to give Trevor enough altitude to bail out safely.

Jump from the plane and parachute to safety.

When the cargo plane finally takes a lethal hit, the scene cuts to Trevor standing in the cargo bay, wearing a parachute. Here you can simply sprint down the bay and leap out of the hatch. Or try a fun alternative: to earn the mission’s Gold Medal, hop into the remaining jeep, a Canis Mesa, and drive it out of the cargo bay. Then exit the jeep as it plunges earthward. As you fall, toggle your focus onto the cargo plane to watch it crash into the Alamo Sea. Open your parachute and glide to a safe landing. For fun, try to land right in front of Trevor’s trailer.

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