Mission Guide Blitz Play GTA V

Mission Guide Blitz Play GTA V

Drive the garbage truck to Cypress Flats.

When the cutscene ends, you control Michael. Get in the garbage truck and follow the short yellow route down El Rancho Boulevard to the location in Cypress Flats. Pull into the destination marker to trigger a quick cutscene: Michael contacts Trevor. Here you automatically switch to Trevor in his lookout perch.
Through binoculars, Trevor spots the Gruppe 6 armored van approaching from the north. He tells Michael to get moving. You automatically switch back to Michael in the garbage truck, which has already turned left onto Orchardville Avenue.

Block the road.

Drive the short distance down Orchardville to the next yellow destination marker. When you reach it, turn the garbage truck at that spot so that you block both lanes of the road. When the garbage truck is in place, a cutscene shows the armored van’s approach. When the van stops at Michael’s roadblock, you automatically switch to Franklin in the tow truck.

Ram the security van.

Accelerate the tow truck to full speed down the alley and ram the security van. After the spectacular crash that knocks the van on its side, you remain in control of Franklin. Exit the tow truck.

Plant a sticky bomb on the rear doors of the van.

Use the weapon wheel to select Sticky Bombs, then plant one on the armored van’s rear doors. Back away quickly and detonate it. After the doors blow off, hold the two guards inside at gunpoint while Michael grabs the envelope filled with bonds.
Unfortunately, the guards have tripped the alarm, so the LSPD is rushing to the scene! Take cover behind one of the two striped barriers nearby. Michael climbs up the stairs to a protected platform overlooking the intersection below. Trevor remains in his tower lookout perch.

Take out the cops.

Get ready for a protracted gun battle. This is a lot of fun because you can switch instantly between all three characters, giving yourself the best angle to defend against the LSPD who come in wave after wave. Also, Trevor is armed with a rocket launcher. The first cops arrive out on Orchardville, behind the armored car and your two trucks. You can handle them by switching back and forth between Franklin and Michael, although a couple of rockets from Trevor can quickly eliminate the squad cars being used by cops for cover.

Take out the NOOSE reinforcements.

But before long a helmeted, armored NOOSE (National Office of Security Enforcement) tactical squad deploys down the alley behind Michael and Franklin. Their flanking approach puts your guys in jeopardy. This NOOSE wave is a good target for Trevor’s rocket attacks. you might also want to move either Michael or Franklin (but not both) over to one of the concrete barriers at the head of the alley.

Take out the snipers.

Soon a few NOOSE units try attacking from the rooftops of adjacent buildings. Michael has a good angle on roof shooters coming from the left. Trevor can target the ones across the intersection with his sniper rifle.
Look for rooftop snipers at the corners atop the building with the “Guns 4 Fun” sign.

Take out the helicopter.

Next, an LSPD chopper hovers into the fray, flying back and forth over the area. Knocking it down while controlling Trevor completes one of the mission’s Gold Medal requirements. A single, well-placed rocket blasts it out of the sky!

Switch to Franklin and drive the garbage truck to the getaway location

When the area is mostly clear of law enforcement units, switch to Franklin and sprint out to the Trashmaster garbage truck on Orchardville. Hop in and drive to the place where you stashed the getaway car in the “Getaway Vehicle” setup mission. The game leads you to it via a yellow destination route.

Destroy the garbage truck and leave the area.

When you arrive, put a Sticky Bomb on the garbage truck and detonate it. Then hop in the getaway car and drive away. After a few seconds, Franklin automatically calls Michael to report that the “trash truck is trashed”. Hang up, and you automatically switch to Michael.

Deliver the loot.

Follow the yellow route that leads to the gate of a mansion up in the Tongva Hills. Arrival at the destination marker triggers a scene: Michael delivers the stolen bonds to Devin Weston, the man you first met at the FIB warehouse in the opening cinematic of “By the Book.” Devin offers Michael two rewards for service: some high-end car theft work, plus an introduction to the famous movie producer, Solomon Richards.

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