Mission Walkthrough GTA 5 Gold Guide Friend Request

Mission Walkthrough GTA 5 Gold Guide Friend Request

Mission Can Be Triggered By: Michael

Playing as Michael, follow the blue “L” icon to Lester’s shabby house in the rundown El Burro Heights neighborhood of East Los Santos. Approach the front door to trigger a short scene: Michael gestures a greeting to Lester’s security camera, and Lester unlocks the door. When control returns, enter the house and walk into the open room to trigger the opening cinematic: Michael’s old friend agrees to help him get “back in the game” but wants something in return first. Lester seethes with a passionate hatred for Jay Norris, billionaire founder of the social networking site Lifeinvader. He tells Michael to go dress like a pseudo-hip web designer and wait for further instructions

Go to the Suburban store in Vinewood

Exit Lester’s house, get in your car, and follow the yellow route to the Suburban clothing store in Hawick. Enter the store to trigger a scene with the sales clerk: Michael needs something “geeky” for an interview at a tech company. She recommends a vest and some cargo shorts.

Buy a suitable outfit.

Yellow radar blips mark the in-store locations of the two recommended clothing items. Approach the cargo shorts rack, try on a few, and then buy a pair. Do the same at the vest (gilet) rack.

Go to the Lifeinvader offices.

Once you have your “disguise” you’re ready to infiltrate geek central. Exit the store and follow the new yellow route. As you travel, Lester calls with instructions to find the prototype at the Lifeinvader office and attach a device, which is currently in your backpack. Proceed to Lifeinvader’s HQ on Dorset Drive in Rockford Hills.

Go to the rear entrance.

When you arrive at the Lifeinvader building, go around to the entrance that faces south toward Boulevard Del Perro to trigger a cutscene: Michael lurks near the door until a programmer steps outside for a cigarette break. After a brief exchange, the fellow lets Michael inside, assuming that he’s an IT temp, and asks for a favor.

Follow the programmer.

Follow the programmer (the blue blip on radar) down the corridor and up the stairs to the second floor. For fun, stop and listen to other conversations along the way-perfect parodies of tech culture. The programmer will wait for you while you eavesdrop.
When you reach the work area, another cutscene plays: The programmer ushers Michael to a desk where the computer is clogged with pornographic popups. Michael asks if he has antivirus software; the programmer says yes, “behind this junk, on the left.”

Clear the screen and run the antivirus program.

Use the controls indicated to move the cursor over each popup window and click on the “X” in the upper corner to close it. Work quickly, because more popups appear periodically. When you finally clear all popups and uncover the shortcut icon for the AntEater Antivirus program on the left side of the computer screen, quickly click it open and select “Scan Computer.” The antivirus scan is available only if all popups are cleared. If new popups open before you scan, close AntEater and remove them before trying again.) After the scan finishes, select “Exterminate” to remove all of the popups.

Completing the task triggers another short scene: The grateful programmer mentions a prototype in the demo room and suggests that Michael go check it out. Sounds like a good suggestion.

Rig the prototype

Follow the green radar blip across the room to the door next to the wall sign that reads “Free Thinking Tank.” Enter the demo room to trigger another scene: Michael finds the smartphone prototype and inserts Lester’s device.

Exit the building.

Exit the demo room, turn right, and retrace your steps back downstairs. You can leave via the rear entrance (the same one you used to get inside) or the main entrance, where the receptionist will happily buzz you out. When you step outside, Michael automatically calls Lester to report that the prototype phone is rigged. Lester tells Michael to call the device after Jay Norris unveils it during his televised keynote speech at the Lifeinvader Expo.

Watch the keynote on Weazel News at Michael’s house.

Follow the new yellow route back to Michael’s house and go inside. Follow the destination blip into the living room where Michael takes over control of the TV from Tracey, who’s been watching her favorite show, “Fame or Shame.” Use the controls shown onscreen to change TV channels to Weazel News. The network is doing a live broadcast of Jay Norris as he gives his keynote address at the Expo.

Call Jay Norris on his prototype phone.

Watch the speech. Once Norris presents the Lifeinvader Mobile Device to the audience, bring up your cell phone. Select “Contacts” and scroll down to highlight “Jay Norris.” For best effect, wait until he finishes his speech and taps the prototype to receive a call, then dial his number. (Don’t wait too long past that moment, though, or you fail the mission.) Watch the keynote’s explosive finale. Michael calls Lester to celebrate the results. Michael tells him to put on a suit to look professional, then meet at Lester’s warehouse off the LS Freeway to discuss a score.

Mission Completion Stats: Friend Request / 100 percent

Mission Time – Complete within 08:30
Popups Clear – Clear all pop-ups within 00:32


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