Mr. Philips Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto V

Mr. Philips Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor in the Desert

Mission Can Be Triggered By: Michael, Franklin

After finishing “The Jewel Store Job” a new story mission icon appears on the map: an “M” for Michael, which is active for both Michael and Frankltn: either character can travel to Michael’s house in Rockford Hills and trigger this mission. We suggest using Michael to catch his exchange with wife Amanda before Franklin arrives. The subsequent scene introduces FIB Special Agent Dave Norton, who suddenly joins our anti-heroes on the couch as Weazel News reports on a brazen jewel heist in Rockford Hills.
The segment includes an interview with the mall security guard. Speaking of anti-heroes, the guard’s quoting of the thief interrupts a spirited exercise session up in Sandy Shores, a tumbleweed desert town in Blaine County, north of Los Santos. Trevor Philips knows the quote all too well – it’s from Michael Townley in the Prologue mission up in North Yankton-and feels like he’s witnessed a corpse reanimated. An encounter with Johnny Klebitz, head of The Lost MC (motorcycle club), outside of Trevor’s trailer ends poorly. Trevor hops n his dusty Canis Bodhi with plans to “reach out” to the rest of Johnny’s brethren.

Get in Trevor’s truck and drive to Grapeseed.

Follow the blue radar blip to Trevor’s dusty truck, a Canis Bodhi. Wait until his sidekicks. Ron and Wade, hop aboard. Then follow the yellow route to The Lost MC hangout in nearby Grapeseed . your arrival triggers a cutscene: Trevor reports Johnny’s demise to the bikers, who decide to verify the claim. They take off in a van, alongside two motorcycles.

Follow the van.

The Lost in the van (the big red radar blip) and on the bikes (two smaller red blips) lead you to the rest of the motorcycle gang. One of the mission’s Gold Medal requirements is to kill the two bikers, Clay and Terry, during this chase sequence. Shoot them drive-by style or ram their bikes. Don’t lose the van, it eventually leads to the perimeter of a seedy trailer park called Stab City.

Kill the bikers.

Now your goal is to eliminate all of The Lost gang members in the trailer park, including any who try to flee. Each hostile biker is marked as a red radar blip. so keep checking your radar display as you move through the camp. Trevor is seriously outnumbered, but you can even the odds using his special ability, a rage state that greatly reduces the damage he takes.
Move between cover across the camp, targeting the gang members.
Be ready to pick off bikers who try to flee on motorcycles or other vehicles. This is another Gold Medal requirement. Early on, a big-wheel pickup makes a run through camp. Shoot until it explodes! lf you detonate it early enough, the explosion ignites a gas canister that blows up a nearby van, too-but make sure Trevor,s not nearby!
Target other vehicles and red gas canisters for explosions that inflict area damage. You can trigger some spectacular pyrotechnics this way.

Return to the truck.

When all of the bikers (red radar blips) are eliminated, an onscreen prompt directs you to return to the truck. Trevor sends Wade off to look for Michael Townley, “the ghost in Los Santos”. With Ron as his lone sidekick now, Trevor decides to eliminate more of his business competitors in Blaine County’s booming crystal meth trade. Next target: a fellow named Ortega, head of the Azteca gang.

Go to the riverside trailer.

Follow the yellow route to Ortega’s trailer on the river . En route, Ron mentions a Chinese contact that wants to buy large quantities of crystal meth. He mentions the area competitors: The Lost MC (now eliminated), Ortega’s Azteca crew, and the O’Neil family. Trevor wants to consolidate more of the market under his control.

Push the trailer into the river.

When you reach the destination marker, Trevor automatically parks across the road facing Ortega’s trailer. Accelerate to full speed to ram the trailer. Keep your foot on the gas until Trevor’s truck pushes the trailer all the way into the river.

Threaten (or kill) Ortega.

Ortega emerges from his soggy home as Trevor explains the new order of things. After the cutscene, you have a choice. You can either humiliate Ortega by holding him at gunpoint as he cowers and then walk away, or you can shoot him. Even from the little you’ve seen of Trevor so far, you can probably guess what he’d prefer to do. But the choice is entirely yours.

Get back in the truck and go to Ron’s place.

After your moment with Ortega, get back in the truck and wait for Ron to join you. Then follow the yellow route to Ron’s domicile, which is next door to Trevor’s trailer . Your arrival triggers a quick tour of the trailer, which is Trevor’s safe-house.

Mission Map:

philips map

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