Mr. Richards Mission Guide in GTA 5

Mr. Richards Mission Guide in GTA 5

Go to East Los Santos.

Start driving the yellow route to your destination in East Los Santos. On the way, Solomon calls to report that the agent Rocco Pelosi is a mob capo. Rocco has Solomon’s people, Anton and Milton, holed up at an old warehouse that he’s turning into a nightclub. The producer pleads with Michael to bring back his actor and director, but warns not to kill Rocco.

Bad publicity is never good for a movie.

When you pull into the destination marker, watch as Rocco arrives via helicopter on the warehouse rooftop. He ushers Milton and Anton into the chopper then heads inside to pick up something before the flight.

Reach the helipad without alerting Rocco.


When control returns, climb the fence in front of Michael. Two contractors lean against a car with their backs to you just past the construction light. Veer left to the wall ladder and climb to the roof.


Go into stealth mode and sneak across the roof to the contractor working on the rooftop AC unit with his back to you. Take him out with a stealth takedown. If he turns and spots you, you have to KO him before he can alert Rocco! Then continue across the roof to the wall ladder on the left.


This ladder leads up to another roof area. Immediately duck behind the AC unit at the top and wait. Another contractor emerges onto the roof from the green door to the right and moves across the roof.
Wait until he turns and walks away from you, then sneak up behind him and perform a stealth takedown. Again, if he spots you, knock him out before he can alert Rocco with his cellphone.


Climb atop the big ventilation unit against the wall then up onto the next roof area. Here you see stairs running up io the helipad on the topmost roof section. Hurry over to the wall under the vents near the bottom of the stairs. Soon, another contractor steps out of the doorway just around the corner and walks across the roof. Sneak up behind him and take him out.
Now you can finally climb upstairs to the helipad. After reaching the rooftop, Michael declares his arrival, and Rocco approaches for some old fashioned fisticuffs.

Defeat Rocco in a fistfight.

Remember, per Solomon’s instructions you cannot kill Rocco or you fail the mission. Use your melee controls and punch/kick Rocco until you trigger a cutscene: Michael makes a “new deal” with Rocco, who agrees to leave Solomon’s people alone.
Fly the chopper erratically to quiet the passengers.

Get in the Frogger helicopter and lift off. Michael’s passengers try to protest, but you can squelch their complaints by dipping the chopper side to side as abruptly as possible, and by flying under bridges.

Fly back to the studio and go to Solomon’s office.

Follow the yellow destination blip to the landing site in the studio grounds: a parking lot. Set the Frogger down carefully (no damage is a Gold Medal requirement) and follow the new yellow blip toward Solomon’s office. Milton and Anton both follow you.
Solomon greets Michael and the two prodigal artists on the stairs out front. Watch the final cutscene as amends are made and Michael gets offered his dream job.


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