Pack Man Mission Guide GTA V

Pack Man Mission Guide GTA V

Collect the car and take it to Devin’s garage.

If you’re controlling Trevor, you automatically switch to Franklin and a blue map blip appears, marking Lamar’s location behind the nearby Glass Heroes auto repair shop. Go meet Lamar then drive the yellow Pegassi Monroe to Hayes Auto on Little Bighorn Avenue. When you arrive, steer the car onto the back on the auto transport trailer that Trevor has loaded with the other stolen cars.
Steer the car onto the auto transport trailer that Trevor has loaded with the other stolen cars. This rendezvous officially triggers the mission, and “Pack Man” appears in the lower-right corner.

Go to the drop-off point.

It’s a long drive up to the marked destination . near Paleto Bay. Follow the yellow route (or map your own) and listen to the amusing and illuminating conversation between Trevor and Lamar as Franklin snoozes. Be ready, though. At some point along the route, you hit a mission checkpoint that triggers a two-star Wanted Level and.a police chase.

Keep the truck steady for Franklin.

Franklin puts on a headset so he can communicate, then crawls out of the cab. Try to avoid collisions and wild swerves as Franklin slowly works his way down the trailer and climbs to the top rack. Eventually, he reaches the JB700, the “secret agent” car he swiped from the movie set back in the “Deep Inside” mission.

Switch to Franklin and defend the truck from the cops.

Switch to Franklin once he’s inside the J8700, and he backs the car off the trailer. Then start engaging the sheriff’s units. The J8700 has twin guns mounted on its front fenders, and you may recall that it can drop tire-puncturing spikes, as well. Use the controls indicated onscreen to shoot cop cars ahead of you and drop spikes in front of cop cars behind you.
You can also ram cops off the road or use the standard drive-by shooting.method. But note that taking out at least three cop cars using spikes is one of the mission’s Gold Medal requirements.

Follow the truck to the drop-off point.

When the last cop car is disabled, Franklin automatically calls Molly, Devin’s assistant, and gets instructions to meet at the Procopio Truck Stop. Follow the auto hauler there When you arrive, a new blue radar blip marks Molly’s location.

Meet with Molly.

Follow the blue blip to where Molly waits by her car in front of the diner. Approaching her triggers the mission-ending cutscene: Once again, the car theft crew doesn’t get much to show for their efforts.


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