Paleto Score Setup Guide in Grand Theft Auto V

Paleto Score Setup Guide in Grand Theft Auto V

Go to Paleto Bay.

You control Michael after the cutscene. Exit the building, get in a car, and wait for Trevor to join you. Then start driving the yellow route that leads up to Paleto Bay. On the way, Michael automatically calls Lester, who agrees to join them in scoping out a rural bank. Then just sit back and listen to the amusing exchange for the rest of the trip. Michael feels like he’s pinpointed Trevor’s cultural category: proto-hipster. This doesn’t make Trevor very happy.
Hitting the destination marker triggers another cutscene: Lester arrives via bus and the three characters hop into the car.

Go to the bank.

Now follow the new yellow route to the front of the Blaine County Savings Bank on Cascabel Avenue. After checking out the bank entrance, Lester asks to drive around to the back. Follow another short yellow route to park behind the bank.

Shoot the alarm.

Lester suggests triggering the alarm to see what kind of response it draws. Get out of the car and, from behind the car, shoot the green alarm box . Immediately hop in the car and drive away.

Watch from the gas station.

Follow the new yellow route around the block to the parking lot of the Xero gas station opposite the bank. Lester turns on his scanner to monitor the police chatter. Four cars arrive within 67 seconds, plus more on standby-the response, he notes, is out of proportion. It includes setting up checkpoints with car-to-car searches and record checks! Trevor explains why: “Bad cops guarding dirty money.”

Race back to the meth lab.

Trevor exits the car, hops on a nearby motorcycle, and takes off. Start following him as a new yellow route appears, leading back to Trevor’s meth lab. Here you can choose either character-Trevor on the bike or Michael in the car-and race to the destination. The route leads through the mountains with curves and switchbacks, so Trevor has an advantage on the bike. But we recommend sticking with Michael to pick up his informative conversation with Lester during the race. Lester says disabling the alarm system is far too costly. But he notes that the rural cops aren’t trained like the LSPD and might fold against a well-armed team coming in hard. Reach the destination marker outside the Ace Liquor mart to trigger a cutscene: The crew enters the lab and Lester sets up a planning board.
View the planning session and pick a gunman.
The planning session is a long cinematic: Lester suggests hijacking one of the convoys carrying military grade hardware that passes by regularly on their way to Fort Zancudo. He then suggests a water escape with Franklin piloting an escape vessel on Paleto Bay.
The only choice you make here is selecting a gunman for your crew. Lester recommends that you pick somebody good, and so do we. Trevor’s meth cook Chef is a solid choice. Once you make your selection, Lester leaves to get the equipment ready, and Michael offers him a ride. Watch as Trevor finishes off his meal.

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