Planning The Big Score GTA 5

Planning The Big Score GTA 5

Choose your approach


The first approach involves hijacking the Depository’s armored cars using police stingers (also called “spike strips”) that puncture tires.
After you take the crews hostage and replace the tires, the team infiltrates the facility, then loads the score into Gauntlet muscle cars with their suspensions modified to haul heavy gold tonnage. To aid the escape, you must hack into the transportation grid, manipulating it to delay the pursuit.


The second approach calls for a distraction in front of the Depository while an excavation team uses a tunnel bore machine to drill into the vault.
The City of Los Santos is excavating a new section of its Metro subway network next door, providing a good starling place for the drilling effort.
You need helicopters for this getaway as well. plus a getaway car modified for escape purposes, and a train to land the gold on.

Choose your crew.

If you select Option A: Subtle, you need a bigger crew-two drivers, two gunmen, and a hacker. One gunman enters the bank with the team to help load the gold into the modded Gauntlets. The second gunman helps hijack the armored vans and brings the hostages to a safehouse. One driver goes into the bank with the team, then takes the wheel of a getaway Gauntlet. The other driver helps hijack the armored vans and takes charge of replacing the tires torn apart by the police stingers.
Finally, the team’s hacker will manipulate the traffic system. If you select Option B: Obvious, a smaller crew will do-two gunmen and a driver. The driver actually pilots one of the two getaway helicopters, carrying half the gold take. One gunman hits the lobby with Michael to create the distraction. The other gunman joins Franklin in the driller, burrowing in and then loading up the gold.

Wait for the word on prep.

When the planning board session ends, head outside to a vehicle. Lester texts with news on the first prep mission for the approach you selected, which puts an “HS” (Heist Setup) icon on the map.

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