Reuniting The Family Guide GTA V

Reuniting The Family Guide GTA V

Go to the Bean Machine.

Go outside, get in a car with Jimmy, and drive the yellow route a shod distance to the Bean Machine coffee shop on Eclipse Boulevard. Exit the car and approach Amanda and Fabien sitting at an outside table. Fabien isn’t very respectful to the De Santa menfolk, which is always a mistake. After showing Fabien the value of a good screenplay, Michael begs his wife for another chance, and Amanda agrees, as long as they meet on “neutral ground”: Dr. Friedlander’s office.

Go to the tattoo parlor.

Next stop: Tracey. Get back in the car with Jimmy and follow the new yellow route to the destination marker in front of the Blazing Tattoo shop . Approach the shop’s entrance to trigger the scene: The De Santa boys eavesdrop as Lazlow explains what Tracey must do in order to get another shot at his show.
When control returns, pierce Lazlow’s brow, nose, and ear. After Michael tears off the shirt, tattoo Lazlow’s chest or back (your choice) by moving the control stick in the series of directions indicated onscreen. Finally, after Michael picks up the scissors, press the button shown to cut off Lazlow,s ponytail. When the fun ends, Michael makes a few show-related demands of his own.

Go to Dr. Friedlander’s office.

Get in the car with Jimmy and Tracey, then follow the yellow route to Dr. Friedlander’s office in Pacific Bluffs. Listen to the family banter en route. When you pull into the destination marker, you trigger a long cutscene that includes a therapy session full of raw emotion and some serious phone surfing.

Drive the family back home.

After the session, Amanda agrees to move back to the house with Michael. Get in the car with the family and drive the yellow route back to the De Santa home . Listen to the family talk of new starts and renewed purposes, then pull into the destination marker in the driveway to deliver everyone home and end the mission.

Michael also picks up another mission for Solomon Richards, as well. Follow the new blue “S” icon on his map to Solomon,s office at the studio lot to trigger “Legal Trouble.”
Finally, if you’ve completed both “The Wrap Up” and “Reuniting the Family,” a new green “F” icon appears on Franklin’s map at his swanky safehouse on Whispymound Drive in the Vinewood Hills. Go there and approach the telescope in Franklin’s living room to trigger a new mission, “Lamar Down”.


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