Stunt Jump Locations in Grand Theft Auto V Part 4

Stunt Jump Locations in Grand Theft Auto V Part 4


terminal jump stunt jump

Stunt Jump: Concrete slab
Landing Zone: Elysian Island
Suggested Vehicle: Any
Face west on the dock with your back to the Daisy-Lee. Race under the shipping cranes alongside the
long freighter on the right. Shoot up the concrete slab ramp at the end of the dock and jump the canal.
Land on the freeway (without hitting the median divider), or jump completely over the freeway and land on
the railroad tracks.


wind farm jump

Stunt Jump: Dead-end wind farm road
Landing Zone: Senora Freeway
Suggested Vehicle: Sports car or dune buggy
This jump is tricky for motorcycles, so use a four-wheeled vehicle. Speed westward from a good distance
away from the dead-end road indicated on the map in the wind farm. Steer left of the windmill and fly off
the edge of the dead-end road. You need to fly over the railroad and land on the following two-lane road (Senora Freeway).

buccaneer way stunt jump

Stunt Jump: Rock pile
Landing Zone: Clear three lanes of Buccaneer Way
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle
Use a motorcycle for this challenge. Starting beside the Jetsam shipping containers on your left, speed easl
along Elsyian Island. Race up the middle of the rightmost rock pile where the road curves. Jump over the
freeway wall and between two overpass supports. Continue over the railroad tracks, and then clear three
lanes of Buccaneer Way to land the jump on the east side of the third lane. You can hit the last barrier wall
and still complete the jump as long as you land on ihe grass just beyond the third lane. The first lane is a
single lane, and then there are a couple walls that separate a two-lane road-clear all three of these lanes.

port of lost santos jump 1

Stunt Jump: Trailer ramp
Landing Zone: Parking lot on other side of canal
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle
Head north up the west side of the Elysian island docks and steer directly into the trailer using the ramp
through the open doors. Be careful not to hit the edges of the doorway. Land the jump on the other side of
the canal in the next parking lot. It’s helpful to have a very fast and light supercar for this challenge (a bike
won’t cut it). Start your run near the sand pile with the trash bags and tires on it beside Stunt Jump.
Speed and veer along the dock to reach the ramp. Veer left into the trailer ramp on the left at the end of the
first warehouse. Shoot directly up the ramp and land on top of the next warehouse. Too much acceleration
could be bad. Your tire can touch the front edge of the rooftop as long as you land on the roof. We achieved
351 feet distance and 55 feet height in an Infernus.

port of lost santos jump 2

Stunt Jump: Trailer ramp
Landing Zone: On warehouse rooftop
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle
Start in the same position as the last jump, but face south instead of north. Race along the dock and
speed carefully up the angled trailer ramp near the dock’s end. lt’s very helpful to use Franklin and his
special ability for this one. Veer left with the ramp angle and land on the rooftop of the adjacent warehouse

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