Stunt Jump Locations in Grand Theft Auto V Part 5

Stunt Jump Locations in Grand Theft Auto V Part 5

gta v airport jump 2

Stunt Jump: Billboard ramp Landing Zone: Small parking lot Suggested Vehicle: Sports car Use a sports car for this jump-a motorcycle is too dangerous. Start south of the black road ramp billboard on the east side of Sightings bar. It’s helpful to use Franklin’s special ability to make the last second veer up the ramp’s left side to avoid the car stuck on the billboard’s right side. You can land in the small parking lot just behind the ramp, or the streets beyond, as long as you land on all fours. So go up the “Prepare for Takeoff” side of the ramp. It’s also helpful to hug the ramp’s left edge. It’s possible to do some twists and rolls in the air, but make sure to land on all fours in the small, oval parking lot. Slow down the camera to allow you time to adjust your air controls to land on all fours.

gta v airport jump 3

Stunt Jump: Billboard ramp Landing Zone: North half of the parking garage’s roof Suggested Vehicle: Fast car Use a sports car for this jump. Landing this wrong on a motorcycle could be harmful to your health. Begin your jump with enough distance to obtain good speed up the ramp (under the raised freeway to the south for instance). Speed south on Exceptionalists Way” Then veer left up the road ramp billboard while steering off the left end to avoid the car at the top. It’s possible to do rolls in the air as long as all four wheels touch down on the top level of the multi-story garage behind the jump. gta v La puerta drain jump 2

Stunt Jump: Concrete ramp Landing Zone: Vespucci Helipads Suggested Vehicle: Race motorcycle or supercar Face west in the Los Santos flood control drain just north of the Maze Bank Arena. While on the fastest race bike you can find, speed along the drain with the water and the drain slope to your right. Pass under La Puerta Freeway and spot the concrete ramp. Hit it straight on and with as much speed as possible to jump completely over the raised railroad, Dutch London Street, and Greenwich Parkway without touching anything until landing in the helipad area, very close to Franklin’s helipad to the west near the slip. This is an insanely huge jump.

gta v palomino avenue stunt jump

Stunt Jump: Wood planks Landing Zone: Palomino Avenue Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle Head west on Adam’s Apple Boulevard, crossing Dutch London Street- Head straight for the break in the sidewalk wall marked by A-frame barricades. Continue speeding between the Korean shops, aiming for the Stunt Jump ramp, which is marked by more A-frame barricades. Hit the ramp straight on, making sure not to aim for the next building. This jump is successful by landing on Palomino Avenue to the west or very close to it.

gta v La puerta slip stunt jump

Stunt Jump: Metal sheet ramp Landing Zone: Next on-ramp Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle High speed isn’t necessary for this jump, just good aim. Speed down the La Puerta Freeway off-ramp and veer to the left and through the wooden road barricade. Shoot up the sheet metal ramp on the road’s left side and jump over Innocence Boulevard to land on the next La Puerta Freeway on-ramp.

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