Stunt Jumps, Locations GTA 5

Stunt Jumps, Locations GTA 5

Having the right vehicle for the job has always been vital to Stunt Jump success. This time it’s no different. Having a supercar or a blazingly fast motorcycle has usually been the key to this in the past. However, an expensive sports car might be too fast for certain jumps-you could overshoot the (unmarked) target landing zone.
Knowing where to land is half the battle when it comes to Stunt Jumps. You can land them all day long, but if you don’t land correctly or in the desired location, the jump fails. Try to land the vehicle on all fours (unless, of course, you’re on a bike). This increases your chances of a successful jump. Read on to discover all the Stunt Jump locations and how and where to touch down correctly.

Vinewood Hills

Stunt Jump: Dirt ramp jump over two-lane road
Landing Zone: Wide ditch on other side of the road
Suggested Vehicle: Any vehicle

stunt jump vinewood hills
Begin this jump while in a fast vehicle at the starting position indicated on the map. Start off-road, heading
east down a hill from Mt. Haan Drive and through a shallow valley. Follow the valley and veer slightly left near
the bottom to hit a dirt ramp that sends you over Baytree Canyon Road-a two-lane road. Steer your vehicle
in the air to keep the nose up. The landing does not have to be in the ditch on the other side of the road.
but it can be on the hill on either side.


Little Seoul

Stunt Jump: A sand pile with sheet metal on it in a curve on the raised La Puena Freeway off-ramp
Landing Zone: Right side of the lower on-ramp, below and south of the jump
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

little seoul

You don’t need a fast vehicle for this jump; use one and you could easily overshoot it. Start your run around
the “Exit 3A, 4 East, Olympic Fwy Exit Only” sign. Speed up the exit ramp as if you,re going to Olympic
Freeway, and then speed up the sand pile with the sheet metal on it at the ramp’s top, near the beginning
of the left curve. Notice the approach angle going up the ramp in our shot and match that the best you can
to land your jump on the right ramp below.


North Calafia Way

Stunt Jump: Smooth rock ramp on south side of North Calafia Way
Landing Zone: Continuing on North Calafia Way further west from jump, bypassing small curve in the road
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

North Calafia Way Stunt Jump
Find the flat rock ramp on the south side of North Calafia Way. You must clear the ravine and land on the
continuing North Calafia Way (dirt road), bypassing a small left curve in the road. There’s plenty of starting
room before the jump, which allows you to execute this jump in just about any average-speed vehicle.
This jump can be accomplished during Mr. Phillips.


Paleto Bay

Stunt Jump: Broken wooden bridge on Procopio promenade
Landing Zone: On the north side of the broken bridge
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

Paleto Bay Stunt Jump
You may first find this jump while racing on a bicycle in Exercising Demons-Franklin. Franklin just barely
makes it across the gap, but this completes the jump. Otherwise, bring a vehicle and start your run on the
south side. Hit the middle of the broken bridge and clear the gap. Then land the jump on or beyond the
bridge’s other end while avoiding the part of the bridge that’s in shambles. No bonuses for killing pigeons.


Raton Pass

Stunt Jump: Rock ramp on did road in Raton Canyon
Landing Zone: Over the ravine on Raton Pass
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle or sports car

Raton Pass Stunt Jump
While traveling west on Raton Pass, use the rock ramp off the road’s right side at the sharp left curve.
Jump the ravine and land on the other side of the gap. It’s not necessary to touch down on the dirt road;
you can land in the open area just before the continuing road.


Through Parking Garage

Stunt Jump: Parking garage ramp off Elgin Avenue
Landing Zone: Power Street
Suggested Vehicle: Motorcycle or fast car

Through Parking Garage Stunt Jump
Start the run from the back of the Caesars Park & Lock fenced parking lot while facing west. Burn out of
the parking lot through the open gate, cross Elgin Avenue and drive directly into the right entrance to the
parking garage across the street. Speed up the panel ramp and fly over a short wall and the left side of an
alley. To make this jump successful, you must have enough speed to clear the fence at the end of the alley
and land in Power Street. Once there, slam on both brakes to avoid colliding with the Wolfs International
Realty sign on the next sidewalk.


Del Perro Freeway Overpass

Stunt Jump: Through a broken rail on Alta Street overpass
Landing Zone: La Puerta Freeway
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

Del Perro Freeway Overpass

Face west toward Alta Street on Swiss Street. Speed directly for the broken railing on the west side of
Alta Street. Fly off the overpass and land on the opposing side of traffic on La Puerta Freeway below.
Some luck is involved to avoid traffic headed in your direction. Hitting a vehicle may cancel an otherwise
successful landing.


Equality Way

Stunt Jump: Red Desert Avenue overpass jump
Landing Zone: On Great Ocean Highway
Suggested Vehicle: Racing motorcycle or sports car

Equality Way Stunt Jump
Use a fast motorcycle or a sports car for this jump. Start at the intersection of Bay City Avenue and
Equality Way, heading south on Equality. Follow the road under the overpass and veer off the road’s left
side by the row of plastic safety reflectors. Continue across the grass, heading west and go off the edge
of the overpass. Steer for the middle of the grassy ramp and land your jump on either side of Great Ocean
Highway. The jump should be a success as long as you achieve around 180 feet in distance and don’t hit
any vehicles before you land.


Rockford Plaza

Stunt Jump: Broken guardrail through Rockford Plaza
Landing Zone: San Vitus Boulevard
Suggested Vehicle: Most any vehicle

Rockford Plaza Stunt Jump
This jump is in Burton where Carcer Way and Occupation Avenue join. Start your run on Occupation
Avenue just before the intersection while facing the road that cuts through the east side of Rockford
Plaza. Speed up the left tunnel, then continue through the missing guardrail section instead of veering left
with the curve in the road. Land on the far end of San Vitus Boulevard without hitting any vehicles before
landing the jump, which is difficult when the road is congested.




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