The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry) Guide and Walkthrough In GTA V

The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry) Guide and Walkthrough In GTA V

Go to the government facility.
As Michael or Frank, walk downstairs into the parking lot and get in a car. When both guys are in the vehicle follow the yellow route northeast to the National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE)
On the way. Michael explains the plan:
Fly a chopper over the FIB building, skydive through the rooftop skylight. then hack the computer system. When you reach the government facility drive through the security checkpoints and pulling to the destination marker in the parking lot to trigger a time-change cutscene. (This is a night mission)

Fly the chopper to the jump zone.

Get in the Maverick helicopter, lift off, and get to the proper jump altitude by following the yellow radar blip up to the yellow ring in the sky you must get high enough so that you can skydive onto the FIB roof. Reaching the jump zone triggers a cutscene: Michael hands off the stick to the co-pilot, puts on a parachute, and joins Franklin and the selected gunman at the door. After the others jump, press the button indicated to get Michael out, too.

Land on the FIB building rooftop.

Free fall for a few seconds toward the glittering high-rises of downtown Los Santos, then open the chute and use the controls to glide toward the FIB building’s rooftop. The landing zone is glowing with a big yellow destination marker, so it’s easy to target. (One Gold Medal requirement is to land perfectly inside the yellow zone.) Landing triggers a quick cutscene:
The team removes a section of the skylight glass and drops inside the server room.
Follow the yellow radar blip across the floor to the server room (under the Communications sign). Michael automatically wields a Sticky Bomb. Place it on the door, then step back and detonate the bomb. Enter the now-accessible room to trigger a scene: Michael hustles to the terminal as the alarm goes off. Your hacker crew member starts talking Michael through the sequence as he boots the computer.

Hack the computer terminal.

Now you see the FIB computer’s interface. Use your control stick to move the pointer-cursor over icons and press the Action button to “click” on things. Follow the verbal instructions from your hacker: Click on My Computer, then select External Device (J) to bring up your two hack programs. Click on the HackConnect.exe icon to run the connector program.


Now you get a numerical code screen. The idea is to highlight four numbers in the square field of numbers to match the red four-number sequence listed at the top. Use your control stick to move the red highlighting over the field of numbers until you find the exact four number match for the sequence at the top.


Next, click on the BruteForce.exe icon to bring up another code screen. This time, press the Action button when the red letter in the green-highlighted vertical column scrolls down into the blue-highlighted horizontal row. This locks that red letter into place and turns it green. The green highlight shifts right to the next column. Repeat the process until all letters are locked into place across the blue-highlighted row, spelling a password.
Finally, click on the Down&Out.exe icon to start copying all of the data from the Bureau server regarding the illegal activities involving Michael and his FIB associates. The screen indicates that the download will take about two minutes. After that, the hack program will erase the original files from the Bureau database. Unfortunately, angry FIB agents are now responding to the alarm you tripped.

Hold off the FIB while the data downloads.

Start picking off the FIB agents attacking across the atrium floor. Watch for enemies shooting down through the skylight glass from the roof, too. Keep an eye on those red radar blips Here you can switch back and forth between Michael and Franklin for better firing angles. you can also press the button shown in the upper-left corner to check the download progress on the computer terminal.

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