The Bureau Ride (Fire Crew Approach) Guide and Gameplay In GTA V

The Bureau Ride (Fire Crew Approach) Guide and Gameplay In GTA V

Go to the FIB building and enter.

Exit Lester’s factory, get in your car, and follow the yellow route downtown to the destination marker on San Andreas Avenue outside the FIB building.
Follow the new yellow blip through the building’s front entrance and proceed to the turnstile. Michael automatically shows his ID card to the guard. walk through the turnstile and continue down the corridor to the elevator when you reach it, the door opens and Michael enters; he automatically presses the floor button and rides up to the 49th floor-the FIB’s Communications division.

Mop the office floors.

Go into the maintenance closet directly across from the elevator and grab the mop (the green radar blip). Exit the closet, turn right, and go through the security door; Michael automatically uses the janitor’s ID passcard to open it. Then go down the hall to the dirty floor spots (marked as red radar blips). Press the buttons indicated onscreen to drop the bucket, mop the dirty spots. and clean the mop when prompted.

Plant a bomb in the locker.

After the first round of mopping, approach the nearby locker marked as the yellow radar blip (locker number 32). Michael automatically places a firebomb in the locker and closes it.

Pick up the bucket and mop the next dirty hallway.

Approach the bucket (green blip) and press the button indicated to pick it up. Follow the yellow blip down the corridor, then turn left through the doorway just past the copy machine. Here you find more dirty spots to mop.
Repeat the same process used before to clean all spots marked as red blips on radar. Whenever you’re prompted that the mop is dirty, return to the bucket to clean it. As you move along the corridors, you can pick up the bucket and move it with you to reduce trip time.

Plant a bomb in the restroom.

After you finish mopping away the red radar blips, follow the yellow blip into the men’s restroom just down the hall. Inside, enter the third stall on the right to trigger a scene: Michael plants a bomb behind the toilet. Exit the restroom.

Replace the mop and bucket.

Pick up the bucket you left in the corridor and continue along the hallway until you end up back at the maintenance closet (yellow blip). Simply approach the closet door: Michael replaces the cleaning materials

Exit the building.

Cross the hall to the elevator and ride it down to the main lobby on the ground floor. Turn right and exit the building. Go to the destination marker next to your car on the street. Michael calls Franklin to report that the charges are set. Here you automatically switch to Franklin in the fire truck.

Pick up Michael Pillbox Hill.

As Franklin, drive the yellow route to find Michael waiting at Legion Square on Pillbox Hill. He automatically hops into the truck when you arrive.

Use your phone to detonate the G4.

Bring up your cellphone and select the Contacts list. Scroll down the list to “Detonate” and select it to trigger an explosive cutscene. The FIB’s 49th floor blows out!
Drive to the FIB building and go to the top floor.
Drive the fire truck along the yellow route to the FIB building . When you arrive, hop out and run with the team into the main entrance. You’re still playing as Franklin and cannot switch for now. Follow the yellow radar blip to the elevators. The team automatically rides up to the highest available floor, Floor 47. Legal Affairs.
When you arrive on 47, an oxygen meter appears onscreen in the lower-right corner. Now you must take care of business before your air runs out. Follow the team down the corridors to the stairwell, then climb all the way up to Floor 53.

Blow the door open and grab the drive.

Follow the team along the corridors and across the atrium to the secure communications room (the big blue radar blip) where the FIB’s servers and containment drive (ihe green radar blip) are located. Bring up your weapon wheel, select Sticky Bombs, and place one on the Communications door. Step back and detonate the bomb to blow the door open. Enter the now-accessible room and approach the bank of equipment to pull out the containment drive (green blip).

Follow Michael and your crew down to Floor 51.

Follow Michael, who wears the white fire helmet, as he leads the team downstairs. Unfortunately, you get only one floor down when the stairs collapse below. Michael detours through the door to Floor 52. Keep following your crew.
Soon you reach a locked door. Stand back as Michael smashes it open with a fire axe, unleashing a backdraft that knocks people down. Follow your remaining crew across the burning floor to the section of collapsed floor and hop down to Floor 51 . On the lower floor another backdraft blows off a door and knocks out Franklin.


When Franklin regains consciousness, the crew is gone. You can see their blue blips on radar, with the down arrows indicating they’re below you. You can also see red blips ahead. Wield a weapon and move through the burning rooms, nailing the FIB agents who attack. Bring up your Menu map to scout the route you must follow to reach the staircase. Then hustle to the stairs, watching out for more hostile agents en route, and descend to Floor 50.
Now you’re on the same floor as your team. Move toward the blue radar blips. Move around the right side of the burning desk to reach your guys. When you join them, they climb up a section of collapsed floor. Climb up after them. Now you’re back on Floor 51! But you quickly drop back down to 50 through another collapsed floor.

Rappel down the elevator shaft.

Follow your team through the smoke and fire to the yellow blip that marks the elevator’s location. Michael and crew automatically pry the door open to reveal the open shaft below Each team member automatically grabs a cable, then lowers himself over the edge into the elevator shaft. Use the controls shown in the upper corner to rappel down. Keep dropping all the way to the bottom of the shaft. Now you’re on the building’s basement level;

Get to the fire truck.

Follow your crew to the stairwell and climb up one floor to ground level. Turn right and move through the turnstiles, then out of the front entrance. Run to the fire truck and get in with the full crew.

Go to the getaway car and destroy the fire truck.

Follow the yellow route to the spot where you stashed the escape car in the “Getaway Vehicle” mission. plant a Sticky Bomb on the fire truck and detonate it to destroy the truck.

Go to Lester’s house.

Drive the yellow route that leads to Lester’s house in East Los Santos. Your arrival at the destination marker triggers the mission-ending cutscene: the crew celebrates with some of Lester’s noxious moonshine. Then Michael heads out for what he hopes is a final meeting with their FIB handlers.

Mission Gameplay:

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