The “Fire Crew” Approach Setup

The “Fire Crew” Approach Setup


Carjack a four-door vehicle.

After “Architect’s Plans” the game judges the usability for getaway purposes of every vehicle that your character enters until you actually pick one, find a suitable location, and mark the spot. You must jack a car with enough seats for your heist crew of four.

Hide the getaway car in a discreet location.

Once you choose a getaway car, stash it in a secluded alley or parking area off the street, preferably behind a building. Whenever you stop the getaway car tor a few seconds, the game tells you if the spot is discreet enough or too public for placement. For example, you cannot park it by your heist planning area or near a law enforcement agency.
When you find a good spot that works, bring up your cellphone, scroll to Lester’s name in your Contacts list, and then select “Mark Getaway Location.” Now your GPS can map a route to the getaway vehicle later in the heist.


Steal a fire truck.
You can steal a fire truck from any of the Los Santos area fire stations. Not far from Lester’s factory is the Davis Fire Department. Up near Michael’s house in RocKord Hills is the LSFD Headquarters station Just approach the fire truck, pull a weapon on any firefighters nearby so they cower, then jack the truck. But to earn the mission’s Gold Medal you must call the “911 Emergency Services” number in your cellphone’s Contacts list and then summon the fire department to your location. When they arrive, steal the truck and flee.

Lose the cops.

As you might expect, stealing a fire department vehicle triggers a Wanted Level. It’s not easy to outrun the cops in the lumbering fire truck, but Franklin’s special ability allows you to cut tight corners and dodge through traffic more easily.

Go to the garment factory.

Once the Wanted Level disappears, drive the fire truck along the yellow route back to Lester’s factory and park it in the tunnel beneath the Vespucci Boulevard overpass. Get out of the truck to complete the mission. Your character automatically calls Lester to report the delivery, and Lester says the heist will be ready to roll. Now a blue “H” icon pops onto the map.

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