The Paleto Score Mission Guide in GTA V

The Paleto Score Mission Guide in GTA V

Drive the van to the Paleto pier.

You control Michael to start. Get in the white van and drive the long yellow route to the pier Franklin gets dropped here, then he heads off to the getaway boat.
Drive to the bank and enter.
Follow the next yellow route into the bank parking lot and park near the entrance. Get out of the van and enter the bank- Aim your weapon at customers and staff to get them on the ground.

Go to the vault.

Move to the vault where your gunman kneels, cutting through the lock with a torch. This triggers a quick cutscene: Michael kicks open the vault gate and Trevor chases off the first sheriff ‘s department unit that arrives. Note the take amount increasing in the lower-right corner as Michael and the gunman clean out the vault. Outside. the sheriff’s men confirm the bank robbery in progress.
After the first cutscene, you control Trevor. Direct him into the vault as well. This triggers a second cutscene: The police response is immediate and massive, with many cars and troopers cordoning off the bank lot. Your take increases to $8,000,000! Finally, you see your trio emerge dressed in the military hard-suits you stole in the setup mission.

Take out the cops.

You control Trevor as the battle begins. He wields a powerful handheld Minigun that can tear apart vehicles and detonate them quickly into fireballs with devastating area damage. Open fire on the outgunned county sheriff’s forces. (You can switch to Michael if you want, but Trevor’s Minigun is quite powerful and fun to use.) Target the cars and watch for the police helicopter that drops into the fray. Michael calls for Trevor to “down that bird.”

Take out the helicopter.

Nail the chopper! Shooting it down is a mission checkpoint that triggers a quick cutscene of the craft spinning to the earth in flames. The chopper slams into the South Seas Apartments complex directly across Cascabel Avenue from the bank.

Fight through the apartment complex.

Switch to Michael at the entry arch to the South Seas Apartments courtyard. Franklin tells Michael via radio that the boat rendezvous is off; Franklin must pick up the team in town. Go through the arch into the shattered garden area where the police helicopter has crashed into the pool. (Michael calls out to the others: “By the pool!”) After the screaming woman runs past, turn right and engage the cops arriving on Procopio Drive.

Shoot the fence down

When the trio gathers by the pool, you get a new objective that introduces a new route. Move past the chopper’s burning hulk and shoot through the wooden fence. (You’re heading southwest.) Run through the opening into the back yard of the adjacent house and shoot through the next wooden fence, too. ln the adjacent yard, veer left and shoot through another fence.
Proceed onto Paleto Boulevard, where you see a Famous Hamburgers to the left and a Liquor/Deli store to the right. As you reach the street, some
Use Trevor to destroy their vehicles
Seconds later, sheriffs’ cars scream toward you up Pyrite Avenue and skid sideways to form a roadblock. Stay behind the parked car for cover and take out these attackers. Fight your way down Pyrite until a big military helicopter lands at the end of the street.
This triggers a cutscene: The military chopper is too heavy to fight, so Michael leads the team up an alley to the right, just past Del Vecchio Liquor.

Follow Michael.

When the scene ends, you control Trevor. A cop car speeds in from the right. if you picked a low-skill gunman in the heist’s planning board sequence, the cruiser may pin your gunman against a power box
He’s either dead or trapped-in either case, you want his money, so run up to him (the green radar blip) to collect his cash. (A high-skill gunman avoids this predicament.) Then follow Michael past the fence with the “Beware of Guard Dog” sign into the junkyard filled with Brute equipment

Hold off the military.

Military units in jeeps suddenly race into the junkyard. Now you must defeat the soldiers who deploy across the area. Use Trevor’s Minigun to target their jeeps for big explosions that take out nearby soldiers. Keep fighting until you trigger a cutscene: A military chopper passes overhead, carrying a tank into the battle. Things look grim for our boys. Now you switch to Franklin.

Drive the bulldozer to Michael and Trevor.

Just down the street, Franklin has commandeered a big yellow bulldozer from an excavation project. Follow the blue map route to the crew’s location in the junkyard, ramming through the military jeeps that try to block the way. When you cross Pyrite Avenue, a tank rolls into the intersection from the left.
Veer into Red’s junkyard just half a block ahead on the left. Arrival triggers a cutscene: Michael and Trevor hop into the dozer’s shovel just as the tank rounds the corner into the junkyard.

Escape the tank.

The tank starts slinging shells at your bulldozer. Make a beeline out of the lot, cut a hard left turn onto the Great Ocean Highway, then follow the short yellow route to the open garage door of the Cluckin’ Bell Farms chicken factory on the right. Hurry! Another tank blocks the road just ahead and swivels its turret to fire at your bulldozer.

Go to the railway platform.

After a short cutscene of the arrival, you control Michael again. Head into the factory past chicken cages and workers. At the first right, shoot the soldiers through the divider, then keep moving. Keep an eye on your radar for threats up ahead as you navigate through the factory working from room to room toward the yellow destination blip that marks the railway platform. Keep an eye on your current character’s health, too. You can switch between all three characters as you go, so if one guy takes too much damage, switch to a healthier character and move him to the lead. Switch characters for better shooting angles.
You eventually reach the warehouse’s railroad loading dock.

Hold off the military until the train arrives.

Now fight off waves of soldiers while you wait for rail transport. This is a great place to activate Trevor’s rage-the special ability speeds his reflexes and minimizes the damage he takes. When a train finally arrives, lead the trio to the platform to trigger a cutscene: our three protagonists leap into a railcar and escape from their audacious heist. watch the mission-ending cinematic: FIB Agent Andreas Sanchez meets the team at the Sandy Shores rail stop and collects the proceeds to fund the next mission, which he calls “operation Save the World.” He says Agent Haines will be in touch when the time is right. Then he doles out small takes to the crew and everyone scatters.

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