The Wrap Up Mission In Grand Theft Auto V

The Wrap Up Mission In Grand Theft Auto V

Meet with Dave.

Go through the Low Rotunda entrance and proceed around the closed admission booth to the big central courtyard. Move past the long pool and the fountain sculpture, then climb the Bell Building stairs on the courtyard’s left side.
At the top of the stairs, move directly across the upper courtyard to find Agent Norton reading a newspaper at the railing. Approach Dave to trigger one of the truly great cutscenes in the history of gaming: Dave and Steve have another “problem” for Michael to clean up… but this time, Mike makes a stand.
Then the tuna really hits the fan. First, the IAA shows up; then the FIB arrives; then Merryweather. It’s a weaponized standoff for the ages! When the stalemate inevitably blows up, Michael ends up in cover behind a planter with all hell breaking loose around him.

Escape the Kortz Genter via the balcony.

Michael is stuck in the midst of a turf battle between heavily armed factions of the United States national security community. (As Michael puts it, “The shadow war just stepped into the light”) Steve quickly disappears and Dave sprints to the far staircase, so consider all targets hostile-shoot anything that moves, before it shoots you. Listen for directions and requests from Dave. And use your radar to track enemy movements, making liberal use of Michael’s special ability.
Move around the initial area using the planters and columns as cover in the wild firefight. As you clear this area, Dave announces that you’re cut off; a fallen helicopter blocks the path to the nearby staircase. Michael must use the stairs at the other end of the building to meet Dave down in the courtyard by the fountain. Work your way along the balcony to the right of the burning chopper.
Reaching the first corner of the balcony triggers a cutscene: A rocket-firing Merryweather chopper drops in over the courtyard, ready to incinerate Michael as he hides behind a pillar. The situation looks grim… but then you suddenly switch to another character in a high perch on the Biranda Building.

Shoot the pilot.

Now you control Trevor wielding a Sniper Rifle. Target the chopper’s pilot in your scope and nail him to save Michael. The next objective is to help Dave fend off attackers below.

Kill the rogue agents.

After the first chopper crashes, use Trevor and the Sniper Rifle to pick off the helmeted FIB tactical team members fanning out across the area below to attack Dave. First, shoot the three hiding behind the columns of the Bell Building. Then swing to the left to find more agents pushing up the center of the courtyard.
Dave is fighting his way down the courtyard on ground level; Michael is moving along the upper walkway of the Bell Building over on the opposite side of the courtyard from Trevor. Watch out for shooters on the Moseley Building balcony to Trevor’s left; Merryweather gunmen will start to target Trevor from there.
You can switch back and forth between Trevor and Michael to get better shots at the various targets. Also be ready for a second Merryweather chopper to drop in above the Low Rotunda. Snipe the pilot immediately.

Get downstairs to the courtyard.

When the area below is clear, Dave pushes forward to a stone bench at the end of the long pool in the courtyard, marked by a yellow destination blip on the map. This is your next destination. Again, you can guide either Trevor or Michael to the spot; whichever guy you’re not controlling will make his own way out. If you’re playing as Trevor, be sure to swap out your Sniper Rifle for a better short-range weapon before proceeding downstairs. Be ready to face gunmen as you descend.

Defend Dave.

Your destination in the courtyard is a rendezvous with Dave at one end of the long pool. Now you must help Dave fight off a brutal wave of attackers. Use your character’s special abilities to help clear the area. Don,t abandon Dave or you fail the mission! One more enemy chopper drops in over the courtyard. Shoot it down to reach another mission checkpoint.

Steal a vehicle in the parking lot.

Now a new yellow blip appears. Follow Dave (the blue blip) out of the courtyard to the parking lot outside the Kortz center. When you reach the lot, jack any vehicle you find; Dave takes off separately. As you leave, Trevor sets up a rendezvous point with Michael.

Lose the enemy helicopter.

As you pull out of the Kortz Center parking lot, another missile-firing chopper drops down to chase you. shoot it down to achieve a Gold Medal requirement.
This is a tough, quick-firing bird, so keep moving as you return fire. If you have an RPG in your arsenal, by all means, use it to blast the chopper out of the sky!

Proceed to Morningwood.

Now follow the new yellow route out of the hills and down into Morningwood. Travel to the destination marker in the alley behind the Vinewood pawn & Jewelry shop at the corner of Boulevard Del Perro and prosperity Street to trigger the mission-ending scene: Trevor and Michael meet up and call Lester, finally taking the last step toward the legendary big score.


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