Three’s Company Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

Three’s Company Mission Guide In Grand Theft Auto 5

Take Dave’s car to the meeting point.

Follow the blue radar blip to Dave’s car and get in. Once Dave joins you,drive the yellow route to an FIB-owned front company out in East Los Santos. En route, Dave explains that both Franklin and Trevor will be on the project, too. Then he outlines the operation: Trevor will fly Michael in and out while Franklin provides covering fire from across the street.
When you arrive at Covington Engineering Services, Trevor and Franklin are waiting, Michael introduces his “best friend” to “the son he always wanted,” then lays out the extraction plan. As Franklin bikes off to his sniper post, Michael dons rappelling gear and joins Trevor in the chopper.

Fly to the Agency headquarters.

When control returns, you fly the helicopter as Trevor. Use the controls displayed onscreen to pilot the craft. Follow the new yellow map blip toward the high-rises of downtown Los Santos. The blip marks the location of the IAA HQ building . It’s next door to the FIB building and just a few feet from where Michael met the agents in the mission-opening cinematic.
Maneuver directly over the target building and slowly lower the chopper until you trigger a cutscene: Michael lowers himself down a rope to the side of the building, ready to rappel.

Rappel down to the Agency office window

Use the controls shown to rappel down the building. When you reach the correct office, press the button indicated onscreen to view the interrogation of poor Mr. K, then break through the glass. Michael grabs Mr. K, but ends up in a standoff with three armed agents.

Switch to Franklin (and back).

Use the SWITCH control and go to Franklin, who’s perched in a neighboring building with a high-powered Sniper Rifle. Zoom in and shoot as many agents as you can spot. After clearing the first five targets, Michael swings out of the window clinging to Mr. K.
Switch back and forth between Franklin and Michael to get better shooting angles at the Agency gunmen rushing toward the office. (Note that when a character is in trouble, their display in the SWITCH menu flashes red.)
When you’ve cleared the floor, a cutscene plays: Trevor finally hauls Michael and Mr. K up into the helicopter… just as a new menace arrives.

Take down the choppers.

Rocket-equipped Agency helicopters with gunmen aboard soar in to attack your craft. This segment gives you the freedom to switch between all three characters while battling the choppers. When it starts, you control Franklin; use his Sniper Rifle to zoom in and shoot down enemy air units before they take off in pursuit of Trevor.
Once the helicopters get out of Franklin’s range, switch to Michael and target the remaining Agency birds from inside your helicopter. Or you can take control of Trevor to get hands-on with evasive piloting maneuvers.

Return to the FIB lot.

When the last IAA chopper goes down in flames, follow the new yellow radar blip back to the Covington lot . You can switch to Michael and let Trevor fly on autopilot, but you must switch back to Trevor to land the chopper in the lot.) Mr. K claims to be a home theater technician with no idea of what,s going on. When you arrive, FIB agents in a McGill-Olsen Construction van take him away. Trevor flies off with the chopper, and you end up with control of Michael as the Mission Passed screen appears.

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