Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V, Guide and Walkthrough for GTA 5

Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V, Guide and Walkthrough for GTA 5


In Grand Theft Auto V, the easiest way to get around is to use a vehicle given to the character or, when that’s not available, steal one-hence the name of the game. Some cars are locked and require a window smash and a little hotwiring (all automatic). A car alarm often sounds when this method is implemented. If so, we suggest not driving away (if you have the luxury of time) because you could drive into a policeman’s earshot and a one-star Wanted Level would be given. Sometimes, if you’re going to jack a car, it’s easier to throw a driver out to avoid smashing, hotwiring, and alarms.


Each character having their own vehicle is a change for the series. This is nice because you can also upgrade vehicles. And if you’ve spent a lot of money on upgrades and lose your vehicle (maybe it’s not where you left it after completing a mission), you can get your vehicle out of the police Vehicle Impound Lot for a small fee. Each character can also purchase a special garage where they can store stolen vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, along with those purchased from in-game car sale websites.


You can hail a cab by whistling when one is within range. lf you can’t find a cab, use the Downtown Cab Co. contact on your phone to get one to come to you’ To hail a cab, press Right on the D-pad -your character will whistle. Once in the cab, use the cab menu to reach one of the many destination options.


You can catch trains in subway areas by entering the train when the doors open. You do not select your destination in a train; you simply ride it as long as desired. You can also catch locomotive-style trains out in the environment by pressing the Climb/Vault button while close-to the train. If the train is moving, your character reaches out and grabs onto the train-this is a great way to lose the heat if you’re on foot.


lf you are traveling on or underwater there are boats, jet skis, submersibles, and scuba gear for deep sea diving, which makes finding collectibles that are underwater a lot easier. You can purchase a boat slip for each character to store stolen vessels, as well as those purchased on the in-game boat website.


When taking to the skies, you have a few options. There are a wide variety of airplanes and helicopters at your disposal; you have the option to own your own helipad and hangar to store stolen or web-purchased aircraft. There are also parachutes available at Ammu-Nation with a large selection of smoke color options. We strongly suggest going to Flight School as soon as the option becomes available.

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