Walkthrough Lamar Down Mission GTA V

Walkthrough Lamar Down Mission GTA V

Go to the sawmill.

Follow the yellow route north toward the sawmill . As you travel, Franklin calls Lester for advice and learns that the Ballas have a big marijuana growing, packing, and shipping operation based at the sawmill. This implies a heavy Balla presence at the plant, so Franklin asks Lester to get Michael and Trevor to join him, too.
Arrival at the destination marker triggers a scene: Michael and Trevor are waiting and ready to help. Using binoculars, Franklin spots the captive Lamar. Then as Michael deploys to a high sniper perch behind the camp, he points out three separate entry points that now appear as yellow blips on your map

Get into assault positions.

You can send Trevor and Franklin to whichever entry points you want, but we suggest using our deployment plan. Remember that you can switch between all three characters at will during any phase of the assault.


Michael notes that the camp’s front entrance is likely the most heavily guarded entry point. Thus, it’s a perfect assault position for Trevor and his special rage ability. Direct Trevor down the road to the right from your starting point and step into the yellow destination marker at the fork. Then press the button indicated onscreen to confirm Trevor’s position. You automatically switch to Franklin.


Send Franklin left down the hill from your starting point to the bulldozer . The big machine is a beast-it can smash through car barricades, and its shovel blade provides great protection from Balla gunfire. Franklin can unleash drive-by fire at enemy gangsters in the lumber stacks on the right and descending the stairs and ramps from the mill buildings on the left.


Switch to Trevor to launch the assault. Rush at clustered Ballas in Rage mode and thin their ranks quickly. Meanwhile, Franklin bulldozes through cars and turns the corner to climb the hill. A Balla starts firing an RPG from a high perch on the sawmill. Have Trevor nail him immediately! When Trevor’s rage expires, switch to Michael up on the bluff behind the Ballas.


Michael’s position lets him strike the Ballas’ unprotected flank. Use his special ability together with the riflescope to get a nice series of headshots. Zoom in and pick off unsuspecting gunmen taking cover from Trevor and the oncoming bulldozer. Look for shooters up on the raised walkway against the red sawmill building, too.

Find Lamar.

When Franklin finally abandons the dozer, start to switch freely between all three characters to find the best shooting angles. A new yellow blip marks Lamar’s location on radar, but note that a cluster of red blips marking Ballas gunmen is fanned out en route. Push Trevor toward this cluster and activate his special Rage ability to tear through the gang.
Hurry to reach Lamar! One last gangster is ready to assassinate him. Take out that gunman before he can fire at the helpless Lamar. When this potential assassin is eliminated, approach Lamar. He’s a bit disoriented, but he picks up a weapon and starts following you.

Lead Lamar to the sawmill exit.

Start leading Lamar out of the camp as a new yellow blip marks the exit from the sawmill. Unfortunately, a new wave of Ballas spreads out across the yard, blocking your way. Some rush your position from the left while others approach from the road above the sawmill to the east-you can see this clearly if you open your Menu map. Look for the Ballas at the top of the retaining wall along the east side of the sawmill camp.

Protect Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar.

As Trevor and Franklin lead Lamar through the lumber stacks, more carloads of Balla gunmen arrive and rush up the hill. Switch to Michael to nail exposed targets from the flank and behind. But eventually the Ballas wise up and start moving on his position. When you can, switch Michael’s Sniper Rifle for another weapon as gangsters try to rush the hill where he’s camped. You can also switch back to Trevor and pressure the distracted Ballas before they can overwhelm Michael.

Get Lamar back to his house.

When the area is finally clear, you automatically switch to Franklin. Hop in one of the abandoned Balla vehicles and wait for Lamar to join you. Then drive the yellow route back to Lamar’s house in Franklin’s old Strawberry neighborhood. When you arrive, watch the ending cutscene: Lamar and Franklin pointedly discuss the essences of friendship and loyalty. When Franklin finally extricates himself from the unpleasant conversation, the inescapable FIB appears with one last request.


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